Big Brother Canada Season 1: Episode 21 “Rub a Dub Dub”

Tonight on Big Brother Canada we picked up after Thursday’s double live eviction. We watched Alec and Topaz walk out the door and a nail biting Head of Household competition kick-started for this weeks HOH.

From the beginning everyone had a different approach for the challenge. Jillian wanted to start from the top and make her way to the bottom and the rest pretty much chose the same method of doing the exact opposite. Ultimately Jillian’s method paid off and she became the new HOH for the 3rd time this season.

Talla was less than thrilled that Jillian had won especially after Emmett had put her up only moments before as a pawn against Topaz. After everyone checked out Jillian HOH room for the 3rd time this season, Emmett and Jillian talked game. They were considering the fact that Andrew is somewhat of a wildcard as far as their alliance goes and that Peter is a much more trust worthy player and a possible final 3 deal could be on the table.

For this weeks Have, Have Not competition the houseguests were put in bathtubs for one another to scrub clean. Players played in teams of two and were given a bar of soap with a key in the center. In order to get the key houseguests had to scrub their partner to wear down the bar to reveal the key. They then had to run over and use the key in a box, first couple to open their box were the Have for the week. The couples were Talla and Andrew and Emmett and Peter. Right away Emmett and Peter had a great strategy, Emmett would rub Peter’s swimming trunks because it had more friction and would wear down the bar faster. Andrew simply rubbed it on Talla’s smooth skin, which wasn’t doing much at all. Peters and Emmett’s strategy worked and they got their key first. Once unlocking their box they became the Have’s for the week. Talla was incredibly upset about this, after losing the HOH and not knowing where she stood with her alliance the last thing she needed was to be on slop. In addition to being on slop the Have Not’s were given a series of tasks to complete. They must: watch a 10 min compilation of Jillian and Emmett making out everyday when they wake up, they had to get up an hour earlier than the rest of the house to complete the Have’s chores and they had to wait hand and feet on the Have’s and do whatever they wanted for 72 hours. This pushed Talla over the edge. After she got out of her bikini she went into the kitchen and started a rant/argument with herself on how she was upset and she was going to stay in the bedroom and dwell in her misery until she felt a little better. She went cray for like 5mins and then she just stormed off. That one needs help.

Prior to Jillian’s nominations she had her mind set on putting Peter up for eviction, her only dilemma was which member of her alliance to put up against him. Talla was dead set against going up as a pawn again even though she had contributed nothing to her alliance, as she hasn’t won a single competition. Andrew had won 3 comps and is a strong player. He knew if he went up as a pawn the possibilities for the house to switch and get him out were high. At the nominations ceremony Jillian decided to nominate Peter and Andrew for eviction. I’m thinking Jillian thinks Talla will not win the Veto so in the event that Andrew wins she could simply nominate Talla.