Last night on Big Brother Canada we picked up where we left off on Sunday. This weeks Head of Household competition was an endurance challenge. The last houseguest standing on Big Brother’s iceberg was the winner. Houseguests were hit with a barrage of wind and ice cold water in addition to standing in an incredibly awkward situation. Surprisingly, Alec was the first to jump off after 1hr and 20mins had elapsed. Shortly after was Peter and Emmett not far behind with a DQ’d for talking his hand off the bar. The guys tend to have a harder time with these types of challenges as they are holding onto more weight than the girls. I for sure thought Talla had this competition wrapped up but she couldn’t take it anymore after 2hr and 12mins of enduring the cold. Around the 3hr mark Alec and the rest of the guys were sitting humbled by the fact that the girls completely dominated this challenge. They could see that both Topaz and Jillian had no intention of jumping down, knowing this was the most important HOH of the season so far. After the rest of the players went into the house Jillian and Topaz made a deal to keep each other showmances safe. Topaz wouldn’t put up Emmett or Jillian, and Jillian wouldn’t put up Topaz or Alec. Moments after the deal was made, Topaz jumped off, crowning Jillian the new Head of Household.

After the Head of Household competition Jillian immediately told Emmett about the deal she made with Topaz and this didn’t sit well with him. The only 2 players that were a direct threat to the East Coasters alliance were out of the running’s for possible nominees. However secretly, Jillian planned to keep only Topaz safe. She tried to pitch the idea of Alec going up on the block to him and he made things very uncomfortable. He basically threatened her and her alliance but at the same time was nice and pleasant. It left Jillian with a range of emotions.

Upon waking up the houseguests realized that Big Bother had stolen all the food while they were asleep. Little did they know Big Brother had a series of tasks for the house to complete. Within the span of 5hrs the Big Brother phone would ring. The phone had to be answered and whatever Big Brother asked of that houseguest the answer had to be yes. Failure to complete any task would result in the entire house being Have Nots for the week. Some of the tasks weren’t so bad, Jillian had to smear peanut butter all of Alec’s chest and lick it clean, and Andrew had to parade around the house in a French maids outfit. However some were almost torture-like. Emmett picked up the phone and agreed to answer the phone the next 5 times it rang. The first time Big Brother awarded Emmett with a glass of milk. The dairy farmer gladly agreed and drank it in front of the entire house with pride. However 1 glass quickly turned into 5 and the second he finished the 5th glass it came right back up, but faster than it went down. Luckily he still completed the task and we moved on. Next was Peter and he was asked to eat a regular garden salad. For any other houseguests this would have been a walk in the park however Peter has a handful of foods that he can eat and enjoy. None healthy but he does not and will not try anything outside of his comfort food. This was a major test for him and although he threw half of it up during the process of consumption, he managed to eat it all. Alec performed the last task of the night and he was asked to bath in a tub of fish guts for 5mins. He completed his task and the house was awarded with wings and beer and they were all Haves for the week.

At the nomination ceremony the gloves finally came off and a line was drawn between the Shield + Topaz alliance and the rest of the house. Jillian went back on her word and nominated Peter and Alec. This was the best game move for Jillian and in the event that Alec takes himself off the block (Peter will never win a challenge) she backdoors Topaz and sends one of the Shield alliance packing.