Big Brother Canada Season 1: Episode 19 “Go F*ck with the Houseguests”

Leaving Sunday’s nominations the events in the house were pretty monotonous. Alec was ofcourse upset that he was on the block against his fellow alliance member of The Shield Peter, and Topaz was calling Jillian’s word in the game complete bullsh*t. When it came time to pick players for the Veto competition the house knew this would be the competition that sealed Alec’s fate. The best possible scenario would be all of the East Coasters Alliance being chosen to play, making it basically the entire house against Peter and Alec. Here are the players:

  • Jillian – Talla
  • Alec (Houseguest’s choice) – Topaz
  • Peter – Andrew
  • Emmett – Host

Tonight’s Power of Veto competition was simple, sach houseguest found themselves on an unfinished bridge. The objective of the challenge was to complete the bridge with planks inscribed with events that have occurred in the house. The order was from oldest to most recent. The houseguest to complete the bridge in the correct order and hit their buzzer with the fastest time won the Power of Veto. Andrew started off to a pretty good start, he knew the order of the first and last 4 planks, and as for the ones in the middle he was a bit lost. The difficulty with this challenge is Big Brother did not tell you where you went wrong. In correcting what you think may be the wrong order you may just be making a bigger mess for yourself and that is the issue that came up with all houseguests. Andrew going first he set the time to beat. Talla was up next and simply could not figure out the correct order in time and she was eliminated. Peter was up next and shaved 4 mins off Andrew’s time putting him in the lead. Topaz and Jillian also failed to beat Peter’s time and were eliminated. All eyes were on Alec when it was his turn, going into the challenge Alec felt very confident. Around the 8 min mark Alec hit his buzzer and Big Brother informed him he had the incorrect order. Overlooking Alec’s progress was host Emmett and he could see Alec was only one plank away from winning the POV. Within seconds Alec spotted hia mistake but hesitated to correct it. After a few heart-throbbing moments Alec decided to forfeit the challenge!!! WHAT! Are you serious!?! I truly hope this gets explained in tomorrow’s episode because I have no idea what Alec could possibly have planned.

After the Veto Competition it didn’t take long for houseguests to notice a new moose in the house. Not a houseguests but an evil version on Marsha the talking moose that lives in the diary room. The new Marsha is named Marge and she had a task for Peter to complete. Being evil she wanted him to f*ck with the houseguests (her words not mine) and convince them that Tom was coming back into the game. Completion of this task meant a reward for the house, failure resulted in a punishment. Big Brother made it fairly simple for him. They game him a color copy of Tom’s picture for the memory wall, an extra chair for the dinning table and Tom’s stuffed animal. Ofcourse Talla was screaming and whaling around the house with Topaz believing that Tom was coming back. Everyone was up in arms about this possible twist. Peter just sat back and tried to hold in his bursts of laughter. He didn’t have to say a word to convince the whole house that Tom was coming back. Since he completed his challenge the houseguests were allowed 5 items on a shopping list, they asked for : lobster, sushi, ribs, beef tenderloin and alcohol.

At the Veto ceremony Peter used the Power of Veto to take himself off the block. Leaving Jillian with the task of naming a replacement nominee. Prior to the Veto ceremony Jillian spoke to Topaz and explained to her that she had no choice but to go back on her word. Topaz wasn’t too happy about this news but had no control over Jillian actions. During the ceremony Jillian stayed true to what she told Topaz and put her up on the block next to her rekindled showmance partner Alec. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s episode for ANOTHER double eviction!

  • Travis

    Alec is a moron. Quitting the POV challenge makes no sense whatsoever. Even if he somehow manages to get enough votes to stay, which is very unlikely, the decision to throw the competition has to be the most idiotic move in the game so far. I just don’t get it.

  • I just want Peter to get sent home…

  • Travis – I don’t get it either! I mean you had the win in your hand and you chose to throw it!?! I think he thought Topaz may have been in the lead and if he won that means she would go up. So he really wanted her to win to protect herself and him but regardless it was a stupid game move. He should go home for that.

    Tyson – Peter’s diary room confessions are annoying as hell. He needs to go eat a salad..