Big Brother Canada Season 1: Episode 13 “Cabin Fever”

Tonight’s episode, like most of the episodes started off on a dull note. It’s seems that with each passing episode my attention grows weaker. Nevertheless the houseguests seem to be having a good time and I am impressed in the way the majority of them have been competing. The whole throwing competition strategy is out the window and the real competitors are beginning to shine. Skipping right into the POV competition here are the players:

  • Alec – Gary
  • Suzette – Jillian (Houseguest’s Choice)
  • AJ – Emmett
  • Peter – Host

It was a case of Cabin Fever as houseguests were taken to the outback in tonight’s Power of Veto completion. In tonight’s POV players wore a helmet with a can attached to it, meant to catch ice-cold water falling off the side of the Big Brother Cabin. They then had to transfer that water up a ladder into a bowl that would fill a thermometer. The only catch was the can had holes in it so houseguests had to move quickly. In addition a Big Brother Slop Pass was attached to this POV comp giving the winner a non-transferable get out of slop free card. At the start Gary took the lead, prior to the competition he was debating saving his friend Suzette with the risk of being evicted next week or, not saving her and keeping in everyone’s good graces. He ultimately decided that he was going to use it on her, which in my opinion was a stupid decision.  In the event that he did use the POV to save her, she is a weak player and would be no help to him in a competition. Not to mention her social game is horrendous. Moving on, Emmett soon stole the lead from Gary and not far behind was Alec in third. Gary’s poor aim had him pouring his water just outside his bowl ultimately causing him the game. After Emmett’s win Suzette clunked herself down on the ground, as her attempt at this competition was laughable. Her attempt at catching water in her can involved her tilting her head as the water flowed. Not realizing any water she caught tipped right out the can pouring down her face.

After Emmett’s win AJ was introduced to Marsha the talking Moose that lives in the foyer outside the Diary Room. She gave him a task in which if he failed there would be consequences for him as well as the house. His task was to get at least 2 houseguests to participate in a obstacle course that he made for at least 10 minutes. He had to convince them they were the first people to try his new workout that he would then turn into a DVD and sell after he left the Big Brother house. Ofcourse Talla was down for the cause and Topaz not far behind. Andrew, being his bro, was also willing to participate. Afterwards Marsha informed AJ he completed the task and the reward would be presented soon after.  The reward was pretty much more beer, as well as burgers, BBQ chicken and a volleyball net for the pool, something to keep the houseguests from killing one another. At the nominations ceremony it was no surprise that Emmett chose not to use the Power of Veto. A quick note, I feel like the Canadians have horrible form when it comes to ceremonies and no manners when casting votes. Their explanations for things are scattered and inexperienced. I mean I know it’s their first rodeo but compared to the Americans (which have the same first rodeo experience that we do) they do not how to articulate. I guess I’m too attached to the US version but I wish it would flow more naturally, the awkward silences and rude interruptions by houseguests while Arisa is trying to speak is distracting and irritating. Arisa as well could have taken a page out of Julie Chen’s “How to Host Big Brother” handbook. Back to tonight episode, Emmett made a short commentary after his decision was made. He addressed why he made his decision and explained what was on the minds of more than a couple of the houseguests. He explained to Suzette how hard it is to talk to her when every conversation ends in her mentioning about how hard it is to be a mother and be away from her children and how much the money would mean to her. At the end of the day everyone has a story, and everyone has a reason for being in the house. You announcing your story every chance you get will not inspire sympathy and it’s a major reason why she will be leaving tomorrow night. Be sure to check out Suzette exit tomorrow night and to see who is crowned the new HOH. *Fingers crossed its Gary!