CBS Reveals More Details Regarding Big Brother 19: Over The Top

big-brother-19-ottTypically when one season of Big Brother ends, viewers have to wait a year before a new batch of houseguests enter the house. Not so in this case. In less than a week, Big Brother 19 will commence.

Dubbed Big Brother: Over The Top, the new edition will air exclusively on the CBS All Access subscription service. It marks the first time, all house activity including competitions, nominations will be available for live viewing. If that wasn’t enough, select live Diary Room sessions will also be available.

Viewers will wield plenty of power for Season 19. Instead of a jury selecting a winner, the public will do so. It marks the first time since Season 1 that viewers will choose the winner. The network also teased fans will have more power than ever before in terms of nominations, evictions and game-changing twists. More details to follow.

Before the game begins, fans have one major decision to make. One former player will get another chance for the grand prize. Either Jason Roy from Season 17 or Jozea Flores from Season 18 will play again. Please God, let it not be the self-proclaimed ‘Messiah.’ Vote for Jason PLEASE!!!

Are you ready for another season of BB to start? Or is it too soon? Weigh in below. Also, share your thoughts on the Season 18 winner. The second Paul evicted James, I knew he’d lose to Nicole. I just had no idea it would be that close and that Davonne would be the deciding vote.

Big Brother: Over the Top premieres on Sept. 28 at 10 p.m. ET. Check out the season’s schedule below.


  • Old Fart in VA

    “Viewers will yield plenty of power ”

    Unfortunate type in this: you mean WIELD, not yield.
    There’s a huge difference in meaning between the two words.

  • Thanks for pointing out the typo 🙂