Big Brother 17 Cast Includes First Transgender Houseguest


With a week before Big Brother returns for its 17th season on June 24, CBS has finally revealed the 14 houseguests vying for $500,000 and bragging rights. As always, fans should “expect the unexpected” with CBS touting new twists being implemented this year. Sadly though, those won’t be revealed until the two-night premiere. Care to make any guesses? Hopefully, producers won’t go overboard with too many twists as their Canadian counterparts did this past season.

At first glance, the cast looks quite promising. This year’s resident male hottie will undoubtedly be Clay Honeycutt. With a name like that, you just know he’s from Texas and a stud. Check and check. Also quite interesting is an Asian brother in the mix- James Huling. The CBS reality show has certainly been lacking with regards to that over the years. There’s even a GinaMarie look-alike in the bunch, Vanessa Rousso.

However, the most interesting cast member is Audrey Middleton. CBS hasn’t officially revealed she’s transgender and simply reveals she’s a digital media consultant from Georgia. TMZ, though, reveals that Audrey was previously a boy named Adam before transitioning several years ago. Check her out below, along with the other houseguests.


Jace Agolli

Age: 23
Hometown: Dunwoody, Ga.
Current City: Venice Beach, Calif.
Occupation : Personal Trainer


Becky Burgess

Age: 26
Hometown: Denver
Current City: Denver
Occupation : Retail Manager


Clay Honeycutt

Age: 23
Hometown: Dickinson, Texas
Current City: College Station, Texas
Occupation : Graduate Student


James Huling

Age: 31
Hometown: Sumter, S.C.
Current City: Wichita Falls, Texas
Occupation : Retail Associate


Meg Maley

Age: 25
Hometown: Collingswood, N.J.
Current City: New York
Occupation : Server


Austin Matelson

Age: 30
Hometown: Woodland Hills, Calif.
Current City: Woodland Hills, Calif.
Occupation: Professional Wrestler


John McGuire

Age: 27
Hometown: Scranton, Pa.
Current City: Jefferson Township, Pa.
Occupation : Dentist


Audrey Middleton

Age: 25
Hometown: Villa Rica, Ga.
Current City: Villa Rica, Ga.
Occupation : Digital Media Consultant


Steve Moses

Age: 22
Hometown: Gouverneur, N.Y.
Current City: Gouverneur, N.Y.
Occupation : College Student


Liz Nolan

Age: 23
Hometown: Miami
Current City: Miami
Occupation : Marketing Coordinator


Shelli Poole

Age: 33
Hometown: Marietta, Ga.
Current City: Atlanta
Occupation : Interior Designer


Da’Vonne Rogers

Age: 27
Hometown: Inglewood, Calif.
Current City: Los Angeles
Occupation : Poker Dealer


Vanessa Rousso

Age: 32
Hometown: Las Vegas
Current City: Las Vegas
Occupation : Professional Poker Player


Jason Roy

Age: 25
Hometown: Fall River, Mass.
Current City: Swansea, Mass.
Occupation : Supermarket Cashier

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