As summer finally approaches with patios, boat shoes and endless pitches of Sangria, we should all know that our favorite summer show is not far behind. That’s right ladies and gents, Big Brother is back for another exciting season. Big Brother 16 promises to be the “most twisted season ever” explains Julie Chen, who is living proof asian don’t raisin. Chen continues to surprise me with how stunning she looks and yes she will be returning to host this year’s BB as usual .

Big Brother will continue it’s standard three episodes per week schedule however this year’s premier, which is next Wednesday, will be a “Two Part Move in Event”!

First twist of the new season will be… *drumroll, this summer there won’t be one but two Head of Households every week! Meaning that four houseguests will be up for eviction. Oh, and another thing, being Head of Household no longer guarantee’s your safety, NO ONE IS SAFE!

Second twist, a new completion is being introduced this season called “Battle of the Block” this competition has something to do with the safety of the Head of Households.

Last but not least, America will be given more power and their involvement in the game is increased with “Team America” calling more shots in the Big Brother house.

To see these twists in action be sure to check out the two night premiere next week Wednesday, June 25 for more details! Expect the unexpected!