So, I have to admit that I’m one of the “bad” gays who think that there’s such a thing as TOO gay, and honey boo boo child, Wil Heuser of Big Brother is among the many of the mo’s on TV right now who send shivers down my spine. Well-known for not being very eventful in the house this year- Season 14 of the hit reality show- Wil has been a frequently googled evicted houseguest for his many impersonation and comedic YouTube vids. Admittedly I’ve never watched any of his older stuff and likely wouldn’t have been searching up his new stuff until a friend of mine stumbled across this hilarious spoof released soon after his eviction in late August that mocks his fellow housemates for their idiosyncrasies and straight up insanities.

The reason this is so funny is not so much for the “brilliant and super insightful writing” but rather that he’s the earliest to post a first-person account of both watching the show now that he’s on the outs and being in there himself- you’ll see more than a couple jokes you’ve been makin’ for years about this show, posted for all the world to see. If you’ve watched this show at all this season you’ll want to see this- particularly if you hated its production, un-aging host Julie Chen or any of the loud and borderline nuts inhabitants/contestants. That said, if you love them and the whole series you’ll still absolutely get a kick out of this as Wil pulls off the perfect Ian impression, blinks his way through all of Frank “greatest one liners” (put in quotation marks because I’d argue he’s one of the dumbest people ever to nearly win this thing) and fake tans the hell outta himself to show JoJo just how ridiculous she looked.

So far there’s only the two released but they’re more than enough to wet your whistle for the final release of the third. Not sure if he’s waiting to see who wins and mock Danielle’s eventual stupid ass face of shock as Dan once again screws her over and swears on everything holy to get his way to the top.

Good job Wil- you may have the worst deep-v, shiny shirts/blouses on tv but you do make a mean Julie… BUT FIRST!

Big Brother 14: The Trilogy, Part 1

“A reflection of my time in the Big Brother house!”

Big Brother 14: The Trilogy, Part 2

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