Big Brother 14 Finale: The Winner Is…

That’s right guys, tonight was the season finale of BB14 and it has been quite a journey. We began the summer with 12 brand new houseguests and 4 familiar faces. Personally, my favorites varied from week to week, as it seemed every week my favorite players walked out the door. Ultimately, I found myself on Team Dan and was hoping he could pull out a 2nd win tonight. We left off Sunday with the beginning of 3 parts to the final HOH.

Prior to the Shane’s eviction last week, Dan made Ian promise that he would throw the 1st part of the final HOH if he voted to keep him. Then 1hr after Dan evicted Shane, Dan told Danielle about this plan to blind-side Ian to earn back her trust. I didn’t believe until I saw it but Ian actually threw the last HOH! Every player in BB history that has done that has always been evicted or at least won second place. In the second part it was Ian and Danielle facing off in the Big Brother Sky Scraper. The houseguests had to scale a wall and wipe windows to reveal images of evicted houseguests. They then had to transfer that image and list them in order, the player to successfully complete this with the fastest time moved on to face Dan in the final round.

I really thought Danielle had this one, she performed her best in this comp and I was completely crushed when Ian beat her by over a minute. My dream scenario was Dan winning the final round and taking Danielle to the final two. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

Shane joined the jury and it seemed more like a panel of Dan’s casualties than evicted houseguests. Over half of the jury was put there by the hand of Dan. If not directly then indirectly by his lies or actions. The jury seemed pretty torn between Ian and Dan as far as who played the better game. It was unanimous that Danielle didn’t have any gameplay and if it weren’t for Dan she would have never made it to the final 3.

Tonight (with the exception of Willie) all of the houseguests were reunited to weighed in on what went down this summer. We heard from the two true veterans of BB, Janelle and Mike Boogie, each having very different opinions of who should win the $500,000. Janelle called Dan one of the best players that have ever played Big Brother, while Mike applauded Ian’s game and his several wins and big moves.

In the final HOH between Ian and Dan, it was game completely about the members of the jury. The players were questioned on their knowledge of the jury. They were given the beginning of a statement and were given two options as to the ending of that said statement. The houseguest with the most points at the end of 6 rounds would be crowned the final HOH of BB14 and secure themselves at least a $50,000 prize. At first both Ian and Dan started off with a 3-3 tie but after that, Dan took a nose dive and Ian won the next 2 points, automatically winning the final HOH.

Shortly after Ian honored his deal with Dan and evicted Danielle. The jury had a couple questions for the final 2 but nothing out of the ordinary. Now, the moment everyone was waiting for. Who was going to be the winner of BIg Brother 14? Here are how the final votes of BB14 played out.

Jury Votes:

  • Danielle – Dan
  • Shane – Ian
  • Jen – Ian
  • Joe – Ian
  • Frank – Ian
  • Britney – Ian
  • Ashley – Ian

With a vote of 6-1, Ian is the winner of Big Brother 14!! Personally, I tuned out as soon as Ian won the final HOH. I take BB very personally and when I knew that both Dan and Danielle couldn’t be in the final 2 together, I didn’t want anyone to win. Then Ian pulls out the win over Dan, seriously!? The icing on the cake was my second least favourite houseguest, Frank, winning America’s favourite houseguest and received $25,000! I wanted to cry. Alright ya’ll it’s been an honor to share my love of the game with you guys! I wish you guys all the best and be sure to support the Canadians in our very own Big Brother starting February 2013!

  • Mark

    I must disagree, I LOVE me some Ian and think it’s awesome that he won. Definitely deserving! He’s seriously too cute and a genuinely good player. Dan in my eyes lost all respect and kept looking more gross as the season progressed. Danielle is a total idiot for playing Dan’s game and not her own. I’m done 🙂

  • TAV

    I’m definitely happy that Ian won. I loved Dan in his first season, but the way he played this season just wasn’t respectable. Dan kept saying he had to do what he had to do to get to the end; however, Ian got to the same point without having to do any of that…

  • Justin

    i think ian played the game properly which is a social game and strategy so he did not lie and stab people in the back to get into the final 2 and if he did only one person would have been effected. dan on the other hand basically lied and took advantage of people’s trust to get somewhere. thats not strategy thats just being an asshole and using god and family to make people believe means you have no moral compass and when dan did that i was over him and hope to god he did not win.

  • Brad

    You’re an idiot! Danielle is the biggest moron ever for continuing to trust Dan. Dan although an excellent liar and complete snake in the grass did not deserve to win again. Ian had the brains and the braun to win HOHs and POVs. Ian deserved to win and the jury votes clearly shows that.

  • Donny

    Ian definitely deserved to win. Dan played a nasty game. He would have been my second choice. Danielle didn’t deserve anything. She played Dan’s game. Sweet girl but too naive. I would have given the $25K to Britney.

  • Cale

    This was the best possible outcome in my opinion. I would have been happy with either Ian or Dan winning, but in the end I think Ian’s win was well deserved. Jun Song described Dan as a “conniving wanna-be televangelist parading as a Catholic school teacher”. I kind of agree with her.

    But the biggest victory was that Danielle didn’t make it to F2. She, for me, was unwatchable. It was despicable to hear all of her manipulated lies and how she demonized so many of the other contestants without just cause. She’s just so unpleasant in every way yet so clueless and not mindful enough to realize how mean spirited and negative she is.

  • Anthony Rocco

    Ian was the deserving winner! If Dan had won, I would have stopped watching.