Who’d You Rather: Big Brother 14 Edition

With Big Brother 14 still in full swing and taking the number one spot in television ratings this summer, I figured there was no better time then now to highlight a few of the hotties and decide: Who’d You Rather?.

Although are three guys that I’ve included in this poll, I was particularly inclined to write this post because I’ve had several conversations with people and it seems farely inconsistent in terms of who people would rather get down with between Shane Meaney and Frank Eudy, two of the newbies from this season of Big Brother. Both have great bodies, are good looking, but have very different personalities in my opinion. Enter Dan Gheesling, a former winner of Big Brother and a veteran this season. Although he’s not incredibly buff like the other two, he’s in great shape and is so adorable.

“Hey everyone, it’s time for the nomination ceremony!” Check out their pictures below and vote for which Big Brother houseguest you’d most want to crawl into bed with. Also, be sure to tune in tonight for the Power of Veto Ceremony – things are getting intense this week in that house!

Shane Meaney

Frank Eudy

Dan Gheesling

Who'd You Rather: Meaney VS Eudy VS Gheesling

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  • Hayley


    I think Shane is more attractive, but I voted Dan because he’s smarter and more my type (toned, lovable goofball). <3 Frank looks so much better in the picture with his hair shorter. I hate his current hairstyle (look at the second pic of him – his hair is so stringy and frizzy).

  • Mixon

    DAN is the best!!!!! and frank is a disgusting ogre, just like Janelle said he was…

  • Mike


  • mmmm DAN’S accent is adorable.

  • Alex

    how come Ian isn’t a choice??! He’d be my pick!

  • Rod

    The sexiest man on BB14 by far is Ian, without a doubt, hands down. Can’t believe he allowed those skanks to shave his pits.

  • Ryan

    Dan and Shane. 🙂

  • Vik

    um Boogie is sooo sexy. too bad he isnt gay. I love his sinister face and his worked out bod.

  • CBL


  • Jim

    Where is the option for NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!

  • Well, it depends on what is coming after the rather. I am guessing that this question is about canoodling, and I would say Shane for that hands down – he might be a little douchey but he’s cute with a nice body and skin tone, as long as he shaved his stubble, I’d give him a go. 😛

    I think that Dan might be a little more interesting to talk to but since he is far more manipulative and a little too skinny, I wouldn’t want to hit the sheets. And Frank is nasty in every sense of the word.

    Obviously the people that vote are not the same people that comment because Shane has more votes than the other two choices combined and yet only few people admitted to voting for Shane.