It’s day 69 in the Big Brother house and we got our first look into the jury tonight. We haven’t seen much from the jury members since they’ve been evicted but it seems like bitter feelings and broken promises have found it’s way out of the BB house and into the jury house. Collectively , with the exception of Britney, everyone wanted to see Dan walk through those doors. But week after week, it was just another victim that had wounds from Dan’s knife. I’m glad Britney could see the bigger picture and realize that Dan was just playing the game. One player that couldn’t get past that fact was Frank. He was extremely hurt and angry at Dan’s betrayal. To be honest IMHO he was just being a sore loser. Frank was on the wrong end of Dan’s knife and can’t admit his biggest mistake was not evicting Dan when he had the chance. This all ended in a screaming match between Frank and Britney, leading up to Frank making a shot towards Britney’s husband, classy. Frank insisted he had played an honest game but he completely back-stabbed Britney by promising not to nominate her and then ended up sending her to jury.

The last Veto competition of the summer was the most important as it determined who would ultimately make it to the final 3. The winner, with the exception of Danielle, would also cast the sole vote to evict. Tonight’s veto comp was another memory game and the name of the game was Atomic Veto. Players were given pictures of all houseguests. They then had to place their pictures where they fit on the molecule web. The player to correctly place all of the photos in the right spots won the last veto of the season. Right off the bat Danielle decided to take things slow. She knew if she made a mistake that it would take her twice as long to find the mistake rather than not making one at all. Ian wasted no time in trying to figure out the right order but was always off by a couple of people. Dan as well was to the verge of winning, but was always one or two off. In the end Danielle pulled out the final win and held all the power.

After the veto Dan worked his way off the block, by convincing Danielle that he would 100% veto to evict Ian. Danielle made Dan swear that he would vote to keep Shane no matter what, however Dan had no plan of keeping Shane. Dan had final two deals with everyone but Shane, he was covered for every situation except for Shane winning the find HOH. In the end Dan made the most shocking blindside of the season by voting to evict Shane after Danielle took him off the block. Shane had little words to say to Dan before he walked out the door. If I’m not mistaken I even saw Shane almost push Dan off of him as he tried to whisper something to him. It’s a game! Players get way to offended by big game moves. When money is on the line people will do anything. Be sure to check out Sunday’s episode to see the aftermath of Dan’s bold move. As well to see who wins the final HOH of the summer ad who is the last member for jury!