With the 14th season coming to an end tonight’s episode was a time to reflect and look back at the high points of the summer. By high pointed I’m talking solely about Willie’s expulsion and Dan’s back-stabbing. I have to say I picked the wrong season to recap. While this summer had it’s share of blowouts, the houseguests were more passive this summer than I’ve ever seen. Before we get into the highs and lows of the season tonight we were shown what transpired post Shane’s eviction.

We didn’t miss much after Dan blind-sided Shane and Danielle, by going against his word and evicting Shane. I was finally able to hear what Dan whispered into Shane’s ear. “She was playing you the whole time, ask Jen”, were the words that left Dan’s mouth to Shane. As a last ditch effort to gain a vote in jury, Shane threw Danielle under the bus. In his explanation to Danielle he recalled something he told her the first week in the house. “Leave your heart at the door.” This statement solidifies everything he’s done this season which is nothing short of heartless. This is the second time Dan has lied to Danielle with such confidence. She ended up complementing him of his ability to lie. Danielle tried to hid her true feelings of revenge as she smiles and nods. I respect Dan more as a player now than I did when he won BB10. The viewers and fans that crucified him for his ruthless gameplay are the type of people that would probably play with their hearts and get evicted before jury. In a situation where you and 14 other people are playing a GAME for money, there will always be others willing to do anything for it. That’s precisely why it’s a game, nothing more.

Prior to tonight’s episode I was under the impression we were going to see the final HOH comps. Then I remember the second last episode is always the trip down memory lane. Not to bore some of you readers half to death, their were very few interesting memories. Besides Willie’s expulsion and Frank and Ian spat, this season was pretty dull compared to past. At the beginning of the summer I was ready for the fight’s backstabs and all out wars between the houseguests. Especially with Janelle coming back, I still remember her fight Beau and April, I thought there would be more fireworks. However further along I realized these newbies were far too hesitant to stand up to the coaches. The one player that wanted to got himself expelled. Even the feeds got uninteresting after the eviction of Janelle and Britney. The player that kept it remotely lively after was Dan and his antics. From his funeral to his big moves, Dan kept me awake and people talking. It wasn’t only his gameplay but it was the way that it affected the others that showed what an influence Dan had. All in all this season wasn’t one of the best but it wasn’t the worst either. Before I leaving you guys tonight I want to know your thoughts on this season. The houseguests, the alliances, the fights, tell me your opinions. SPOILER ALERT, DO NOT READ IF YOUR WAITING FOR FINALE NIGHT!

So although they didn’t show us the comp on the live feeds, as usual, we found out anyways. For the first HOH comp Dan won it, and the second Ian won. I’m hoping Dan wins and takes Danielle but that’s highly unlikely.