“Houseguests!”, Chenbot exclaimed as she surprised the houseguests tonight with an unexpected live eviction. WIth the live feeds being down for a while I suspected something secret to be going on and I was correct! In addition with this weeks veto competition there was a luxury prize that came along with it!

This weeks Veto Comp sounds tricky but it’s really all about time management. Houseguests were harnessed up and were set on one platform, while a puzzle was on another. Players had to fly across their zip lines and try to complete their puzzle. However, they had to do it in 20 second intervals. Their puzzle board was magnetized and in order for it to activate players had to hit their buzzers. It only activated the magnets for 20 secs afterwards it would deactivate and their pieces would then fall to the ground. Once their pieces fell down they had 10 seconds to re-magnetized their board otherwise they would be eliminated. Ian had the most difficulty as time wasn’t on his side. His board kept demagnetizing and eventually he forgot to reset and was eliminated. Dan and Danielle were also struggling, trying to make sense of the puzzle, while at the same time keeping their pieces on the board.

Shane and Jen were dangerously close together but skipped away from Jen when Ian started helping him. Shane, with the help of Ian, finished his puzzle first, awarding him the golden power of veto and securing his spot in the final 4! Sorry Jen, you didn’t win, again.

After the Veto ceremony Shane informed the other houseguests that he was allowed to bring one other houseguest to join him. Without much hesitation, Shane chose Danielle. The two were lead blinded folded and ear plugged out of the Big Brother house and into a limo where it took them outside for the first time in 65 days.

The two were taken to an arena where they got to meet the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team. The two got to watch the amazing team in action as they performed live for an entire stadium of fans.

Afterwards, the fun had to come to an end and the two returned to the house to begin the Veto Ceremony. During the veto ceremony Shane chose to use the Veto on himself, forcing Ian to chose a replacement nominee. He justified his decision by stating he didn’t want to give a couple the power to decided who stays or go’s, so he chose Danielle as the replacement nominee. Once again, Dan saved himself from being nominated. The kid can talk his way out of anything and if they don’t get rid of him soon, he’ll take it all.

During Jen’s final plea, she knew she was going home. Her final words were more of a goodbye, rather than the usual begging for votes. With a vote a 2-0 to evict, Jen was sent straight to the jury house. Where her home-boy Frank was awaiting her arrival.

For tonight’s Head of Household competition Dan, Danielle and Shane were playing a game of true or false. The questions were based on a series of images that were shown to the houseguest prior to the live HOH comp. The player at the end of 7 rounds with the highest score was the new HOH. Here is how the game players out.

  • Round 1 – Everyone 1pt
  • Round 2 – Everyone 1pt
  • Round 3 – Shane and Danielle 1pt
  • Round 4 – Shane and Dan 1pt
  • Round 5 – Dan and Danielle 1pt
  • Round 6 – Dan and Danielle 1pt
  • Round 7 – Everyone 1pt
  • Tiebreaker – Danielle

That’s right, Danielle won and is now in the final 3! I was happy either way, as long as Shane didn’t win. Now Danielle has to make the ultimate choice, between her heart and her head, Dan or Shane. I hope she takes Dan but I feel like Dan has burned so many people in the jury, no matter who he’s sitting next to he will always come 2nd. If the jury members set aside their personal vendetta’s and see Dan for the amazing game player that he really is, then he might have a shot at winning. Ian is a definite threat as well, he’s got Britney, Ashley, possibly Joe’s vote and thats more than Dan. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s second live eviction ceremony to see who makes it to the final three and don’t forget that a week from tonight is the Live Finale! You don’t want to miss it!