Double trouble! Tonight’s live double eviction sent two houseguests home tonight, an entire week’s worth of Big Brother in one jam packed episode! In case you missed it, with Frank and Joe up on the block it was pretty obvious as to who was going home. He was saved last time by the reset but he didn’t have a twist to save him tonight. Going in he thought for sure he was staying, but Dan masterminded another big move and blindsided Frank with a 3 to 1 vote to evict. Frank, left completely shell shocked walked past all houseguests and headed straight for the door, only saying goodbye to Jen. He should have seen that coming, houseguests this season takes things way too personal. Backstabbing, lying and manipulation is the name of the game, don’t be angry because you fell for it.

Moving things along it was time for tonight’s first Head of Household competition. The HOH comp was a Q&A. Houseguests were asked about the final words from evicted houseguests. They then had to identify who said what by showing Chenbot that houseguests picture. The players that named the right houseguest received 1 point. At the end of 7 rounds the player with the highest score was the new HOH. From the start Jen took an early lead by getting every question correct. Not far behind was Danielle and Dan,by following Jen by 1 point. It was at round 3 where things got all tied up and it was Jen, Danielle and Dan neck and neck until the final round. Shane and Joe both managed to score 1 point each, I would have given up after round 4. The final question was a tiebreaker that involved a number. The houseguest to guess the most accurate number without going over would win. The question was: How was Jodi stay in the house, in seconds, from the time she entered the door to the time she was evicted? Being the player that evicted her, Dan obviously guessed a number closest and became the new HOH. Finally! I was waiting for him to win it!

With tonight’s episode cramming an entire week of Big Brother into one hour, Dan had only moments to gather his thoughts and nominate two houseguests for eviction. Dan decided to nominate Joe and Ian. Joe didn’t even bother sitting down on the couches, because he knew he was going up. He took a seat right where he belonged on the block before Dan had even said anything.

For tonight’s POV all players were Swimming With the Sharks. Players had to guild their fins through a path that would lead them to the end of a river. Once they retrieved their fin they then had to run back with it to their buzzer and ring in for the Golden Power of Veto. From the beginning I knew Ian had it, his quick thinking and problem solving skills make quick work out of the maze. For a while I thought Danielle had it, then I remembered that this was a puzzle and I was reminded of her history with puzzles. Nevertheless as the houseguests were let back into the house after the veto comp, Dan boldly called Ian into the Sneaker room to discuss his plan of action. Few words were exchanged before Chenbot called the houseguests back into the living room to begin the veto ceremony. During the veto ceremony, both Dan and Ian were on edge. With Ian obviously using the Veto on himself, Dan had to name a replacement nominee. For a second I thought Dan was going to stab another player in the back by nominating Shane, which I would have done. But Dan completely blind-sided Danielle by naming her as the replacement nominee. What!? I was completely blown away because I thought that he was trying to evict Danielle over Joe. Right after was a commercial break which gave me time to think over what had just happened. I realized Shane and Ian would never vote against Danielle and, Jen earlier tonight voted to evict Joe so Danielle was safe.

During the second eviction ceremony it was no surprise that Joe was evicted by a vote of 3 to 0. Sorry Joe, your cooking could only take you so far. He was a nice guy and all but solely relied on flying under the radar and keeping in the houseguests good graces by cooking for them. Personally, he did nothing for me on the live feeds and will not be missed. Britney and Janelle were the most entertaining to me on the live feeds. Be sure to check out Sunday’s episode to see who wins the second HOH for the night and who is nominated for eviction!

What did you guys think of tonight’s live double eviction? Who do you think will win the next HOH and who will he/she put up on the block?