Tonight’s heartwarming episode was nothing short of a tear jerker. Aside from the back stabbing and last minute nominations, it was a happy episode that reminded houseguests that we’re almost at the end and there is life outside of the house. For those of you that missed Thursday’s episode, tonight we saw the last minute 1 on 1’s and tough decision making that went into Thursday’s Double eviction. We saw Dan contemplating whether or not to dispose of Captian American (Shane) now, or toss out Joe. Danielle, being torn between her boy toy and coach, couldn’t chose who to side with. I hope she know’s that the choice between Shane or Dan is fast approaching.

Dan hosted the second HOH comp of the night and it was a trip down Memory Lane. Houseguests were directed into the backyard that featured familiar signs and titles from competitions that occurred throughout the summer. Houseguests were asked what day a particular event occurred. Questions ranged from what day was the 1st coach evicted, to what day was baby Zingbot born. Once players figured out what day the event occurred they had to guide a ball down a ramp and drop it into a numbered slot. The number of slots they were away from the answer was equal to the number of penalty points they accumulated. The player with the lowest score in the end was the new HOH and guaranteed themselves a spot in the final 4!

Jen and Danielle unofficial DQ’d themselves by scoring penalty points far above 15 before Shane and Ian had even reached 10. Ian seemed to glide on by the competition with his accurate drops, taking an early lead. In the final round it ended in a tie and it was Shane and Ian both at 14 points. The tie-breaker would determine who was the new HOH. Both players knew what day Janelle was evicted but only one was closest to the number. Ian was 2 away from the answer and Shane was 4, making Ian the new HOH. I have to admit, I was a little pissed. I thought for sure Shane could pull this off. But once again Ian and his love for the game enabled him to rock this one out and he now had a 1 and 4 chance to win the $500,000 grand prize.

Automatically, Jen knew she was going up however, it was now the question of which Quackpack member to put up beside her as a pawn. Ian’s easiest option was to put up Dan, since he did put him up only hours before Ian became HOH. Dan was dead set on not going up on the block, and went to work to try and throw Shane under the bus.

For the 3rd time this season Pandora’s Box presented itself to the Head of Household. This will be Ian 2nd Pandora’s Box offered to him and according to him he’s the only HOH in BB history that’s been offered Pandora’s box twice. Tonight Ian was tempted with an image of his parents and the promise of words of encouragement from someone who loved him. Seeking some last minute advice for the home stretch, Ian decided to open Pandora’s box but didn’t exactly get what he had in mind. He was greeted by none other than Rachel Reilly from BB season 12 & 13. To be honest I would actually walk out of the BB house if I ever saw her there. She made watching BB 12 & 13 and chore. Especially in BB 13 when her and Brendan were childishly teaming up on Danielle Donato (Decendant of the Great Evel Dick) I wanted to throw in the towel with that season.

This IMHO is the worst Pandora’s Box punishment ever! Ian was tortured with a video of Rachel talking about herself, her life post Big Brother with Brendan and that god awful laugh of her’s. On the bright side the other houseguests were surprised with video messages from their loved ones. Dan got a message from his wife. Jen from her mom and both Shane and Danielle received messages from their sisters. It gave the houseguests a much needed burst of motivation, that nothing is set in stone in Big Brother and where there is a will there is a way.

At the nominations ceremony it was a toss up as to who Ian was going to put up beside Jen. Ultimately, Ian let Dan get into his head and convinced him Shane needed to go this week. With the POV up for grabs an unexpected evictions ceremony coming up, you don’t want to miss Wednesday’s new episode so stay tuned!