What did you think of last night’s season premiere of “Big Brother 13“? I thought it wasn’t half bad and much better than I was expecting. I like all the twists this year, but not feeling a lot of the newbie cast. The only ones I like are Kalia, Dominic, Cassi and Shelly. On the flip side, I’m loving all the returning dynamic duos. Say what you will about Rachel’s grating personality, but she makes for great television. If you missed any part of it, be sure to check out Patrick’s recap of the first episode.

If you’re like me and can’t wait til Sunday for Rachel’s nominations to be revealed or discover other tidbits, then you purchase the live feeds or scour the net for juicy spoilers. The game just started but we already have some interesting developments. Not only do we know which duo Rachel nominated, but one of the other houseguests has already left the game. WTF??? Yup, they just up and quit. With their partner gone, what will happen to the remaining houseguest? Will they get a new partner or some other twist? Find out below.

As you can see in the screenshot above of the memory wall, everyone has their key with a few exceptions. Based on this picture, it’s safe to assume that Keith Henderson and Porsche Briggs have been nominated for eviction. Hopefully Porsche will stave off elimination and remain in the house. I find Keith absolutely annoying. The POV competition takes place on Saturday, so it’ll be interesting to see how it works this year. Will only six people be allowed to compete as in previous years?

The other major spoiler from the picture above is Danielle and Dick’s slots. It looks like Danielle has a special key. Could it be the Golden Key? I think it could be. So what happened to Dick. According to a few spoiler sites, Evel Dick left the game. No one knows the real reason yet and hopefully we’ll find out on the next episode. All that is known is that it isn’t family related or an emergency. With Dick gone, producers have decided to give Danielle the Golden Key. That’s right, Danielle is safe til the Top 10. I wonder if this was part of Evel Dick and Danielle’s plan all along. I highly doubt, they haven’t talked in 3 years. This seems right up Evel Dick’s manipulative alley.

Are you happy with Rachel’s nominations? How do you feel about Danielle already getting a free pass? Should producers have replaced her and brought in another dynamic duo like Will & Boogie or Janelle & Howie or some other concoction? Post your thoughts below.