This is just awful! TMZ is reporting that Shelly Moore‘s family has been receiving death threats as a result of Thursday night’s live eviction. In the last episode of Big Brother 13, Shelly (the mother figure on the show) voted with some of the others to evict Jeff Schroeder from the house. This was going against her alliance with Jeff & Jordan, but Shelly was just looking out for herself. I was actually proud of her for making such a bold move. Anyway, regardless of whether people agree with her game play or not, the point it that it’s just a game and threatening her family’s lives, including her 8-year-old daughter Josie is NOT OKAY.

Threatening phone calls have been made to her family’s home as well as her place of work, where people have been calling in and saying she should be fired for voting Jeff out of the game. Outrageous! As a result of all of this, her family is preparing to get the FBI involved. Thankfully Shelly isn’t aware that all of this is happening. She’s already enough of a chimney stress case as it is.

Also, not that it should even matter, but it’s not like it was an easy move for Shelly to make either. She was looking out for her family and trying to win the game, which is what everyone was doing, and needed to make a bold move to get herself further. In the video below, this was Shelly after the live eviction following the huge fight that she and Jordan had. It was the biggest fight this season.

UPDATE: “Big Brother” Executive Producer Allison Grodner released a statement on Twitter … saying, “No matter how much you dislike an HG, this is wrong! True BB fans do not try to ruin lives. Please stop!”