Big Brother 13 Episode 5 Nominations: “It’s Gonna Be A Miracle To Keep Me Here”

Previously on Big Brother, Keith became the first person evicted from the Big Brother house and Jordan helped keep the veterans in control by winning the HOH competition. In this episode, the BB 11 winner must put up a new pair for nomination. I’ve been going spoiler-free so as I write this, I have no idea who has been picked. My guess is that, with the advice of her alliance, she’ll put up Adam & Dominic, with the logic that Adam is siding with the veterans (or so they think) and that they’d be getting Dominic out considering he’s a threat. Kalia & Shelly were the newbies that switched their votes and bailed on the newbie alliance for one reason or another, but the rest of the newbies have no clue who switched their vote. This is creating a lot of tension within their group.

Dominic & Cassi really trust Shelly, but little do they know that she’s one of the ones playing both sides. At this point, Dominic realizes he has to change his game. “It’s time to start getting crazy and making some deals”. His strategy is to align with Daniele with some harmless flirting. Smart strategy, considering she also no longer has a partner by her side. He also ups his social game by hanging out with the other veterans as well. It could be too little too late.

Dominic, Cassi, and Adam each go up at different times and talk to Jeff & Jordan about strategy. They all have a target on their back and are at a turning point where they have to change their tactics in order to stay in the game. “It’s gonna be a miracle to keep me here,” says Domicic to Daniele. “Stranger things have happened in the Big Brother house,” replies Daniele.

At the Have & Have Not Competition, competitors are dressed up (each pair in one outfit) as a giant super ant. The backyard is a giant sized picnic and the challenge is to be the first pair to grab four giant super crumbs. The winning pair will get to choose two duos to be have nots. The competition is mainly between Brenchel and Adam & Dominic. In the end (and as per usual), Brenchel wins. It’s no surprise that she decides to make Cassi & Shelly and Adam & Dominic Have Nots for the week. In addition to slop, they’ll have beef jerky and jelly beans to eat.

When it comes to nomination time, I have no idea who Jordan is going to pick. I still think Dominic and Adam makes the most sense for her alliance, but at the same time, Daniele did a great job of working Jeff & Jordan as to why Dominic should stay. Here’s how it played out:

  • 1. Rachel & Brendon – SAFE
  • 2. Shelly & Cassi – SAFE
  • 3. Kalia & Lawon – SAFE

Jordan has nominated Adam & Dominic to be put up for eviction, just as I originally suspected. Whew, this was a good episode. ALL the newbies are scrambling and it’s “abandon ship” for their original alliance(s). It will get really interesting if and when the veterans turn on each other. I’m hoping Dominic wins POV so he can stay longer and stir some shit up. He’s also not bad to look at so, that’s another reason to keep him as well.

Who do you hope is evicted from the Big Brother house next? Depending on who wins the POV, here are your options: Brendon, Rachel, Cassi, Shelly, Dominic, Adam, Lawon, or Kalia.