Big Brother 13: Meet The Houseguests

The summer guilty pleasure favorite is just one week away with the Big Brother 13 premiere. Today, the houseguests were officially revealed – well, mostly. Below you’ll find eight new houseguests that will be entering the Big Brother house for the first time ever. As I mentioned yesterday, the twist this year is “dynamic duos from the past will play a significant role.”

This has now been explained because the twist is that there will be six former houseguests that will paired up and will be returning into the game. The best part is that you get to vote on who you think those three pairs of former houseguests should be, choosing from six pairs of duos. Four of these pairs are from last season. Find out who they are and who the new cast members are below.


  • Brendon & Rachel
  • Jessie & Natalie
  • Hayden & Enzo
  • Dr. Will & Mike “Boogie”
  • Evel Dick & Daniele Donato
  • Jeff & Jordan

And here are your options. For their entertainment value, I definitely want to see Brendon & Rachel in this season. “You this, Brendon!” Come on, you loved it. I hated Jessie & Natalie and their scheming ways last season, and Jessie has already had two shots at playing this game. Hayden & Enzo and Jeff & Jordan would be boring additions to the season. Also, one person in each of those duos has already won. If I had to choose between the two, I’d pick Jeff & Jordan. As for the other two pairs, I didn’t watch those seasons closely enough, so perhaps some of you can share your thoughts on them. All I know is, I definitely want Brendon & Rachel.

Which "Dynamic Duo" do you want to see in Big Brother 13 the most?

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Adam Poch

39, Music Inventory Manager – East Brunswick, NJ
I think he’ll be one of my favorite houseguests this season, so long as he lasts long enough for people to get to know him. His fear is that people won’t take the time to get to know him and he’ll get evicted out early. He refers to himself as a “heavy metal teddy bear” and I think people will see a sense of security of in him and want to make an alliance with him. He has a girlfriend at home and he’s playing this game for the both of them.

Cassi Colvin

26, Model – Allen, TX
Don’t let the “model” fool you. She actually seems like one of the smarter, more level headed people in the cast – and she’s gorgeous! I think she’ll get far because she’s not the type to get sucked into any unnecessary drama that would put a target on her back (very unlike Rachel from last season). Her biggest struggles this season will be missing her father who she’s super close with and the food that may get thrown her way, as she’s a picky eater. Her favorite former BB player was Dan from Season 10.

Dominic Briones

25, College Student – San Mateo, CA
This half-Italian is one of two cute guys among the new Big Brother players this season. He has both of his ears pierced and is going to try and stay away from a showmance if possible. He’s not looking forward to sharing a bathroom and shower as he thinks it’s “nasty,” and his favorite former BB player is Enzo (who is in the running to play again this year).

Kalia Booker

30, Writer – Philadelphia, PA
Okay she’s one of my favorites for sure. She has A LOT of personality and she’s also quite hilarious. Her strategy is to “lie to everyone and trust that no one is going to tell her the truth”. The only thing she’s afraid of is if people don’t like her because she’s banking on that being a big part of her strategy. She admires Dr. Will from Season 8 for his game, but there’ll be no showmances from her as she has a “dope boyfriend” at home.

Keith Henderson

32, Human Resources Mgr – Boilingbrook, IL
This guy is going to be a riot to watch. He’s hilarious. He has an identical twin brother at home and has a weakness for women. He’s actually looking to have a showmance. His strategy is also to align himself with three women and call themselves “Keith’s Angels”. LMFAO.

Lawon Exum

29, Legal File Clerk – Urbana, IL
Okay, my first impression is that this guy is super annoying. He claims his fashion sense is going to be “buck wild” and “sick” and that’s why we should be excited to watch him. Pretty sure he plays for our team, but don’t want to make any assumptions. His favorite former BB player is Dr. Will, who is in the running to play again this year.

Porsche Briggs

23, VIP Cocktail Waitress – Fort Lauderdale, FL
She claims that with her on the show, you’ll get to see a pretty girls that’s not a complete bitch to everyone. I think the key word was everyone, meaning she is going to be a complete bitch to some people. She doesn’t like guys obsessed with the gym (ahem…Jessie) and her favorite former BB player was Daniele from Season 8…one of the potential candidates for this season. I think this girly is going to get into some cat fights this season.

Shelly Moore

41, Outdoors Industry Exec – Centerville, OH
This gal is married and has a little girl and according to her, she represents the average American. She wants to show how a regular person can play this game with dignity and class, and win. She kind of sounds like a tomboy in an executive woman’s body. Her favorite players are Jeff & Jordan. She wants to make alliances right off the bat, which is good because otherwise she seems like the type to come in and get eaten alive & evicted right away.

  • CT

    Well since none of the newbies are that, I’d add Jeff and Brendon for some eye candy, and of course the third couple has to be Dr. Will

  • CT

    I don’t see an edit button, but I meant to say “since none of the newbies are that hot”

  • Chris

    ugh Keith Henderson was a contestant on GenuinKen and he was so annoying. Hopefully he gets evicted earlier on.