With such a long break since the last episode, I feel like I haven’t watched Big Brother forever and now the Season Finale is here! It’s down to Rachel, Porsche and Adam. Tonight, the jury will decide the winner, and they’ll also reveal who America’s Favorite Houseguest is. Before we get to that, CBS treats us to a recap of how everything played out this summer – sort of a little refresher so we can remember where some of the jury members’ bitterness may come from.

First things first, we need to figure out who won the final 3-part HOH competition. We left things off in the last episode with the blender, spinning around the final three until there was only one left. Ugh, I don’t know if I could do this for that long – I sometimes get nauseous on a swing-set now-a-days!

Adam wimps out and falls off the blender first after almost half an hour. Big surprise – this guy can’t win any endurance competition other than the guy who can smoke the most cigarettes in a day. After 46 minutes, the next person who falls off is…

…Porsche. Rachel wins the first part of the HOH competition and is obviously ecstatic. In part two, Porche and Adam face off in an underwater maze. This competition is actually pretty cool! The houseguest to complete the challenge in the fastest time wins part 2 of the HOH competition. Porsche goes first and does a pretty good job. Next up is Adam. As I mentioned, he’s a smoker so I’m pretty sure this challenge was designed for Porsche to win. The thing he has going for him is remembering the trivia aspect of the challenge. Adam was having issues with his goggles so he threw them out of the tank. When he realized he needed them he had to get out and get them. Bad move wasting time like that, Adam. Here’s how they each did:

Adam: 6:03
Porsche: 3:50

With that, it’s going to be Porsche vs. Rachel in the final part of the HOH competition.

“But first,” as Julie says, we move onto the jury’s discussion about the final three and who they feel should win. The existing jury gets their first look at Kalia & Jordan since being voted out and who are now joining them in this discussion. They then go through the pros and cons of each candidate. No big “shockers” here. I did notice that Brendon was rather quiet during this discussion. My guess is that he didn’t want to ruin Rachel’s chances of winning by acting up.

Next up, the final HOH competition. It’s, “How well you know the members of the jury?”. They each have to answer A or B. Here’s how it played out:

  • 1. Both got it wrong.
  • 2. Rachel got it right
  • 3. Both got it wrong.
  • 4. Both got it wrong.
  • 5. Rachel got it right.

With that, RACHEL WINS THE FINAL HOH and is guaranteed to be in the in the final two. By her reaction, it’s almost like she’s already won. Now Rachel must decide who she must evict. She did make a deal with Porsche, but Adam would make more sense to keep in my humble opinion.

In the end, Rachel decides to EVICT ADAM and take Porsche to the final two. Adam tells Julie he thinks if he was in the final two he would have won. Keep dreaming buddy! Have you met the jury? LOL.

Speaking of the jury, they now come out for the live interrogation. When Brendon sees that Adam is the next one out, he’s so happy that Rachel is still in the game. Again, no big shockers here with this interrogation and Rachel nailed her responses. Porsche wasn’t as convincing.

Now, the other houseguests join: Keith, Cassi, Dominic, Evel Dick, and Lawon. Boring. Only Evel Dick and Cassi got to talk.

Now to the moment everyone was waiting for. Here’s how the jury voted:

  • 1. BRENDON: Rachel
  • 2. DANIELE: Porsche
  • 3. JEFF: Rachel
  • 4. SHELLY: Rachel
  • 5. KALIA: Porsche
  • 6. JORDAN: Rachel
  • 7. ADAM: Porsche

Rachel won by one vote! Shelly was totally the swing vote! I’m happy with the outcome. That being said, unfortunately…America’s Favorite Houseguest was voted to be Jeff. Lame. I so wanted Danielle to win this one. I would have even been happier with Rachel winning the favorite houseguest over Jeff.

After a summer of Big Brother, I’m happy to have my life back… No wait, next up Survivor. Sigh.