Big Brother 13 Episode 9 POV: “I’m Done Looking Out For You & Your Boyfriend”

Okay, so Rachel is HOH and at first look, it appears all hell may just break loose in this episode with all of the scheming going on coupled with the tension going on within the veteran alliance. Dominic & Adam are up on the block, but whoever wins the POV in this episode could change the nominations. It could be a game changer.

Before I get into the main things that happened in the episode, I want to say that I’m starting to think that Porsche is going to come out of nowhere later in the game and become a huge threat. She’s doing a great job at laying low and I think she’ll have the gameplay to outwit some of the others.

A lot of what happened in this episode was focussed on the actions and scheming of Dominic & Daniele. The two of them are becoming very close and Daniele is doing whatever she can to keep Dominic in the game.

Daniele’s been talking to Brenchel about getting Jeff out by backdooring them, and telling them that Dominic is on their side 100%. Not a bad idea…but things went sour fast. Dominic decided to chat with Shelly and say that he wanted to work with her and Daniele and one other person to get the power couples out. Shelly of course went and told Jordan right away, who then told Brenchel. Tisk, tisk. Needless to say, that put the nail in the coffin for Dominic. You do NOT cross Rachel when she and Brendon are in power.

As a result of all of this, they realize that Daniele is a bit of a mastermind and setting herself up to get herself further in the game by aligning with Dominic and trying to turn the power couples against each other.

For the veto competition, it’s Brenchel, Adam & Dominic, and Jeff & Jordan who were randomly selected Porsche is the host. In the backyard, there’s a big giant fake hair legged lady in the tub. Competitors have to jump in the tub, pluck the giant hairs from the leg (which each contain a letter), and try to spell the longer correctly spelled word. They have ten minutes. Here’s what they each came up with:

  • Jordan: “LITTLE”
  • Dominic: “STANDINGS”
  • Rachel: “MOUSTERIZING” – misspelled
  • Adam: “FRACTIONS” – Adam rang in first, so he’s now in the lead
  • Jeff: EXPRESSES – Jeff rang in before Adam, so he takes the lead
  • Brendon: “UNDERSTANDING” – Brendon spells the longest word and wins

At the POV meeting, Brendon announces that he has decided not to use the Power of Veto on Adam & Dominic. Daniele is pissed and realizes this is a huge turning point in the game. “I’m done looking out for you and your boyfriend,” says Daniele in the diary room.

Okay, so clearly Dominic will be going home tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what Daniele does next and what the crazy twist will be.