Big Brother 13 Episode 7 Elimination: “You’re A Catty, Catty Girl…”

After Dominic won POV and took himself and Adam off the block, Jordan put Shelly & Cassi up as replacement nominees. Now, after 20 days in the house, one of these two ladies will be going home tonight. It’s all because of Rachel too. She’s clearly threatened by Cassi’s beauty so she has campaigned to get her out of the house. Jordan had the chance to get rid of Brendon or Rachel by putting them up as the replacement nominees this week, but she thought it was too soon to go against her alliance.

Meanwhile, Shelly is feeling guilty about having voted Keith out, voting against her alliance. She now sees the repercussions of her actions now that Cassi is likely going home and the veterans continue to stay in power. Jordan is also upset about the current situation, feeling bad for having to put Cassi & Shelly up. I SO wish she would have been bold and put up Brenchel.

Out of nowhere, Cassi asks to talk to Rachel in private. My heart sank – LOL. “I feel you’re sending me out of here for personal reasons because I’m a female.” Rachel denies and makes up some lame excuse for wanting her out. She then says that Cassi has terrible game play and continues to make the situation worse. “You’re a catty, catty girl – an ugly person inside,” says Cassi. YES! You tell her! She then goes on to say that she pulled for Rachel last season and didn’t see why everyone hated her…but now she gets it. When Rachel goes and cries like a bratty baby to Jordan, to my delight, Jordan agrees with Cassi. Still, Rachell insists, “I’m not a villain. I’m not a mean girl.” Bullshit. Cassi then confronts Brendon who is just as immature and delusional as his girlfriend. The deserve each other. Ugh. They make me so mad. I thought I liked them, but actually, I love to dislike them. At this point, I’m even more disappointed that Jordan didn’t backdoor Brenchel.

After some filler footage of Adam & Dominic’s family and friends (where we learn that Dominic was home-schooled and still a virgin at 25), it’s time for the live eviction. The speeches are lovey dovey, and neither of the ladies say anything negative about the other. Here’s how the votes played out:


  • 1. Rachel – Cassi
  • 2. Brendon – Cassi
  • 3. Jeff – Cassi
  • 4. Adam – Cassi
  • 5. Dominic – Cassi
  • 6. Daniele – Cassi
  • 7. Kalia – Cassi
  • 8. Lawon – Cassi
  • 9. Porsche – Cassi

And with a 9-0, Cassi is voted out and Shelly gets a golden key. I’ll miss Cassi. She’s so classy and incredibly gorgeous. From here, we move onto the HOH competition, called “Big Brother Online”.

Before they head over to compete, houseguests take a breather and Rachel goes pee. Oh, live TV… Watch this short clip below and you can totally here Rachel peeing:

Houseguests have to answer questions that people answered online and must guess how they think America answered. A wrong answer gets you eliminated. As outgoing HOH, Jordan can’t compete and Daniele, Porsche, & Shelly have golden keys so they don’t participate either. Here is the order in which each of the houseguests got eliminated from this challenge:

  • 1. Kalia
  • 2. Jeff
  • 3. Adam, Lawon, Dominic
  • 4. Brendon

OMG. And with that, Rachel is HOH once again. The LAST thing the house needed was for Rachel to win HOH and let it go to her head once again. I guess it will make for another dramatic/entertaining week though. The veterans are in control of the house for the third straight week now. Next week, a celebrity will be visiting the houseguests.

With Rachel in power now, let’s look at the situation and see who is safe, likely safe, and at risk for elimination:


  • Rachel (HOH)
  • Brendon (HOH-Partner)
  • Daniele (Golden Key)
  • Porsche (Golden Key)
  • Shelly (Golden Key)


  • CT

    While I hoped Cassi would stay, she wasn’t completely innocent, she talked lots of crap about the other girls in the house, so she was just as catty, but for some reason they didn’t show it on the show. Anyways, Julie didn’t inform Cassie of anything about the game during their interview, so I think they plan on bringing her back. Oh, and has any alliance imploded as fast as the Regulators? I think they only lasted a week. Anyways, Rachel calls Lawon the ultimate floater, and we know her feelings when it comes to floaters, so he’s likely the target I would think