Big Brother 13 Episode 6 POV: “No Wonder America Hates Me”

In the last episode of Big Brother 13, Jordan (as HOH) put Dominic & Adam up on the block for eviction. At this point, they are both at risk of going home, but I’d have to say Dominic needs to win POV more because he’s a bigger threat. I’m excited to see how this plays out, and also very excited to see the “war of words” that happens between Jeff & Rachel, as shown in the episode preview.

Adam wastes no time and goes and talks to Jordan to attempt to secure his spot in the house. She tells him to throw the veto competition and in return she promises that the veterans will have his back. Meanwhile, Porsche & Rachel discuss wanting to get Cassi out. Really, they’re just catty bitches and want to get the pretty girl out. It’s so obvious. Lawon walks into this conversation and thinks to himself, “I see Porsche and Rachel talking…that is Miss Chivious. Mmm mmm.” LOL. At first I found him annoying, but I’m loving him more after every episode. While this is happening, Daniele & Dominic continue to flirt and further develop trust with each other.

Daniele and Rachel say that they want Dominic to win the veto. Daniele says she doesn’t hate Cassi, but says, “If I see a bus, I’m not afraid to give her a little push”. It looks like Cassi is the big target this week…thanks to evil Rachel. Luckily, Jordan is in charge and she feels that Rachel is blowing the whole thing out of proportion. At this point, I think Jordan is my favorite person in the house LOL. Her right hand man, Jeff can’t stand Rachel right now either. “I need some Rachel OFF,” he says.

When Cassi goes to the HOH room Jordan fills her in, saying, “People are throwing you under the bus”. Jordan totally had the same thought process that I did – It’s just because she’s pretty. Girls can be so catty. Then again, so can the gays – LOL.

For the Veto Competition, It’s Jordan & Jeff, Dominic & Adam, and Brendon & Rachel who were randomly drawn. Daniele is the host. Before the competition, Brenchel discusses changing the nominations if they win, even if it means pissing Jeff & Jordan off. She’s so gunning for Cassi.

The backyard is transformed into a Candyland for the competition. The player that is first to chew enough gumballs (walking back & forth across a beam) to fill all the exes on their portrait wins. If you fall off the beam and want to continue playing, you have to accept two weeks of slop to keep going. Dominic is kicking butt right off the bat, battling against Jeff & Brendon mainly. Jordan falls first and wants to accept slop, but Jeff convinces her not to – so shes out. “If the HOH isn’t playing, then maybe we shouldn’t be,” says Rachel. Oh snap. What a bitch. Jeff is so mad but has to suck it up until after the competition. Rachel fell next and decided to accept the two weeks of slop. Shortly after, she fell again so she is out. In the end, Dominic wins the Veto and he couldn’t be happier. He was toast without it. Now the drama…

“I didn’t appreciate your comments,” says Jeff to Rachel. After scolding her, Rachel ends up crying in the bushes. It’s pretty ridiculous. “You can’t be saying shit like that,” says Brendon. The newbies are thrilled to watch the veteran alliance come undone like this. “Don’t write a check with your mouth that your butt can’t cash,” says Kalia in the Diary Room about the situation.

Rachel says to Brendon she doesn’t want to work with Jeff & Jordan anymore. So much for her saying she didn’t want to play an emotional game. She’s out of control! As she tries to make herself go an appologize, she fantasizes about going on to them about letting Jordan win the HOH last week. When Brendon stops her rant, she realizes how she’s being and says, “No wonder America hates me.”

In a last ditch effort, Cassi & Shelly go to talk to Jordan in the HOH room. Cassi campaigns to get Brendon & Rachel out. It’s actually a brilliant idea because they are the biggest competition. I’m so hoping Jordan shakes things up and gets one of these two out. Brenchel is entertaining, but at this point, I’d rather see Jordan flex some muscles over Rachel flapping her mouth.

At the Veto meeting, obviously Dominic takes him and Adam off the block. Jordan puts up… Shelly & Cassi for nomination. Yeesh. Cassi is going to have to fight to stay in the house. Can’t wait to see how it plays out tomorrow night! Who do you hope stays in the house? I think it’d be more interesting if Cassi stays. Shelly has her life vest and is totally floating through the game. (Credit to Rachel for that analogy – LOL).

  • CT

    Cassie’s a goner, she’s already given up, plus, she hasn’t taken a shower in a week, but that’s because she refuses to take cold showers. Hopefully she at least starts a fight with Rachel or Porshe before she leaves. I hope a newbie wins HOH, I’m ready to see a shakeup in the house, and then watch everyone scramble. It would be funny if Lawon wins HOH.

  • Rusty Redfield

    So it’s finally clear that Rachel can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Not a surprise.

  • @CT – that would be hilarious if Lawon won HOH! He’s so be beside himself LOL. @ Rusty, hilarious! “Ain’t no gum gonna come between me and my man!” LOL.