Big Brother 13 Episode 4 Elimination: “Bookey Squared”

Last night was the first elimination ceremony for Big Brother 13 and it was between Keith and Porsche as to who was going home. As much as I like the idea of The Regulators, my hope was that it would be Keith who was sent packing…into the live studio audience to chat with Julie Chen (who was in dressed pretty in pink for the first live eviction). I find Keith quite annoying and too much of a liability.

The veterans realize they’ve been playing a poor social game by hibernating in the HOH room, so Rachel busts out her “Vegas party girl” and organizes a “Big Booty” drinking game for everyone to play. Dominic sees through it and isn’t as into it as the others. Later on, Rachel reveals that her and Brendon call each other “Bookey” as a term of endearment. Dominic then says Brenchel should now be called “Bookey Squared”. Brendon isn’t happy with Rachel for telling the houseguests this. He calls Rachel to bed and makes the biggest deal about her yelling Booki across the yard. The next day, they talk it out but I just love how much time CBS spent on this “Bookey” argument. Embarrassing for Brenchel. LOL.

A bit of scheming and goes on next in terms of people campaigning for either Keith or Porsche going home. Nothing too interesting though. Evel Dick also leaves a video message for the house and Julie shows it to them. Not too interesting either.

Time for the elimination. As HOH, Rachel will only vote in the event of a tie. Here’s how the votes played out:

  • Dominic: Porsche
  • Brendon: Keith
  • Jordan: Keith
  • Cassi: Porsche
  • Lawon: Porsche
  • Jeff: Keith
  • Daniele: Keith
  • Adam: Porsche
  • Kalia: Keith
  • Shelly: Keith

With a 6-4 vote, Keith is evicted from the house. Porsche now gets a golden key, assuring her a spot in Top 10. Keith tells Julie that he’s totally caught off guard. OMG, I forgot about the goodbye messages! They were hilarious.

Time for the HOH competition. As outgoing HOH, Rachel can’t compete, nor can Daniele and Porche who have golden keys. It’s the Big Brother open and houseguests are competing in a game of miniature golf. The ball closest to hole in one (#1) wins. Here’s the position number each person got:

  • Dominic: 6
  • Adam: 8
  • Cassi: Eliminated
  • Shelly: Eliminated
  • Lawon: Eliminated
  • Kalia: 6
  • Jordan: 3
  • Jeff: Eliminated
  • Brendon: Eliminated

Jordan Wins HOH!! I’m actually happy about this. She’s such a cutie patootie. Who do you think she’ll put up for nomination? My guess is Dominic and Adam. Dominic hasn’t played the best social game with the veterans in my opinion and I’m sure he’s coming off as a threat. With that, they’ll likely tell Adam that he’s a pawn and they just want Dominic gone. If not them, maybe it’s “floaters grab a life vest” and Kalia becomes a target. Girl needs to figure out what her strategy is before it’s too late.