Big Brother 13 Episode 2 Nominations: “The Regulators”

Floaters grab a life vest because Brenchel, with Rachel as HOH, is in charge of nominations this week. So far, the game is definitely veterans vs. newbies so Rachel is definitely looking at getting rid of one of the new pairs.

Last season, we had “The Brigade” as the secret alliance that made it all the way to the end. This season, we’ve got a new one and it’s absolutely brilliant. Dominic, Keith, Lawon, and Cassi are in a four way alliance called “The Regulators” – pictured below. In case you didn’t notice, this alliance includes one person from each of the four newbie pairs. The four of them will have each other’s backs when any of their pairs goes up.

After we got to hear Rachel say, “Who wants to see my HOH room,” for the first time this season and listen to her talk about botox (“I personally enjoy the look of botox,” she told Brendon), the scheming was in full force. Evel Dick talks to Porsche about joining the veterans, and she is totally on board. Her partner Keith, on the other hand, is not. He tells The Regulators about her scheme, and with that, they decide she can’t be trusted and needs to go.

For the first Have & Have Not Competition this season, teams have to use their cow-print sponge body suits to absorb milk and fill up a series of milk jugs first. Losing team gets slop, cold showers, and the most uncomfortable room for a week. In the end, it’s Cassi, Lawon, Kalia, and Shelly that lose out and become the Have Nots for the week. Their bedroom is a padded insane asylum-themed room. The lights in the room can’t be turned off all week. Nightmare.

Evel Dick and the rest of the veteran alliance then decide to talk to Adam to get him on their side as well. Adam plays along, but really knows that they are the enemy at this point.

When it comes time for Rachel to make her nominations, she narrowed it down to either Keith & Porsche or Adam & Dominic. This season she says she doesn’t want to be an “emotional nominator” like she was last time.

Here are the results that Nomination Ceremony, in the order their names were pulled:

  • Daniele & Dick
  • Jeff & Jordan
  • Lawon & Kalia
  • Shelly & Cassi
  • Adam & Dominic

Keith & Porsche are nominated for eviction. “Welcome to Big Brother,” says Rachel. Now, it’s going to be very interesting to see how this all plays out for a few reasons. (1) Rachel wants Keith to be the one to go home. (2) The newbies all want Porsche to go home (3) Someone leaves the game unexpectedly, which obviously totally changes the game. If you want to know who this person is, click here for the spoiler.

  • norm

    sunday night was a dull show to much talking and no action, its not a good start

  • CT

    Please let them get rid of Keith. The vets just have to convince two newbies to vote with them, like maybe Adam and the old lady.