Big Brother 13 Episode 12 POV: “She’s Sketchy As Hell”

The last episode was AMAZING when Daniele won HOH and put Brendon & Rachel up on the block. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for more. Well, actually I could. In this episode we get to see it all unfold and watch Brendon and Rachel fall apart. Or so I hope. “I am about to turn this house upside down,” says Daniele in the Diary Room. Meanwhile, Brendon falls for Rachel’s crybaby tactics to get what she wants, and that’s to stay in the game. It’s smart though, because Brendon is useless. SUCH a bad social game. He’s much better suited to make more than $500,000 trying to cure cancer, as he suggests he’ll do.

Daniele talks to Rachel, and Rachel makes Daniele feel guilty for putting them up. It’s so annoying because Brenchel totally declared war on Daniele in front of everyone, and when the tables are turned, they are blind to it. Ugh, please just let Brendon go home. The two of them are too much for me at this point.

For the Veto Competion, Daniele (HOH) Brendon & Rachel (Nominees), and Jeff, Adam and Porsche who were randomly selected. Lawon is the host. The challenge is an obstacle course of past challenges. Each competitor must guess how long they think it will take them to compete the challenge. If they pick the fastest time, they must attempt the challenge and complete it in that amount of time. If they fail they’re out. If they succeed, the person who estimated the longest time is out. Here’s how it played out:

  • Round 1 (Gumballs): Adam Eliminated
  • Round 2 (Superhero Puzzle): Rachel Eliminated
  • Round 3 (Spell Longest Letter Word): Daniele Eliminated
  • Round 4 (Cow Milk): Jeff Eliminated
  • Round 5 (Mini Golf): Brendon Wins POV

Ugh, whatever Brendon. You may have won, but you’re still Daniele’s target anyway. And mine…and if I could do something about that, I would!

In an effort to mess with Daniele’s plans, Brendon tell’s everyone he’s using the veto on himself. Tricky, tricky. Meanwhile, Daniele and Kalia chat in the HOH room when Shelly unexpectedly comes up to see what the plan is. They don’t reveal anything to her, and as she leaves, Daniele says, “She’s sketchy as hell.” Totally! Her “playing both sides” has become so transparent. It was good at the beginning, but now she’s going to become a target sooner than later.

Daniele then talks to Jeff & Jordan about putting Jordan up as a pawn, in order to do what she can to get Brendon out. Jordan is brave enough to do it.

At the Veto Meeting, it’s no surprise (except for everyone in the house) that Brendon uses the Veto on Rachel. Now, Daniele is forced to put Jordan up as a pawn. Rachel ends the episode in tears.