Big Brother 13 Episode 11 Nominations: “From The Penthouse To The Outhouse”

Last episode, the game changed completely after Dominic was evicted from the house. We left off last episode with a full fledged war against Daniele & Kalia, and an endurance HOH competition where my hope was that Daniele would end up winning the challenge.

As you may recall, one of the snowballs in the challenge contained $10,000. After Adam fell off (winning an elf suit for a week), followed by Lawon and Brendon (who became Have Nots for a week), it was Jeff that won the monetary prize. After he fell, it was then Jordan, then Porsche, then Shelly, and finally Kalia that got eliminated. Daniele ends up winning HOH! This couldn’t have turned out better for me! Daniele and Kalia have a secret dance party to celebrate. I love these two. Meanwhile, it’s “from penthouse to outhouse,” says Jeff in the Have Not room with Jordan and Brenchel.

Later in the episode, Lawon talks “coming out”, Adam gets his elf costume, and houseguests talk strategy. Jeff & Jordan talk to Daniele to sort of clear the air. Brendon and Rachel later do the same. These two are pathetic when they are not in power and I simply can’t stand them. Mostly Brendon. Ugh.

When it comes time for nominations, Daniele decides to put up the power couple, Brendon and Rachel because no on else has the balls to. Amazing! I’m totally routing for Daniele in this game right now and want Brendon out more than ever. Brendon, America dislikes you more than ever!

PS: If you recorded Big Brother, and Obama interupted the recording with a special message (like he did for me), you can watch the last part of the episode by clicking here.

  • Ro

    Thank u!

  • CT

    okay, first of all, Porshe pointing to her elbow to say her shoulder hurts was funny. Anyways, I really hope Brendon goes home this week, his sense of entitlement in this game makes me want to puke. How dare people not roll over and hand him and Rachel the $500,000. And did he really say, in the dairy room no less, that Kalia was using her muffin top to stay on the ski machine, when he only lasted 30 minutes! Plus, with him gone, we’ll get to see Rachel go banana pancakes and have a meltdown. One more thing, if Julie’s big twist that America gets to vote for is who to bring back, I hope everyone votes for Dominic, I actually want to see him back in the house and team back up with Danielle. Cassi would be fun only if she promises to bring the catfights.

  • CT

    Ack, there’s no edit button. I meant to say *if Julie’s big twist is that America gets to vote someone back in..