Big Brother 12 Finale: “And The Winner Is…”

Okay, summer’s over and it’s time to put this guilty pleasure to rest. Hayden and Lane are against each other in the final HOH competition and Enzo is choked, since he feels that the brigade was all his doing. “I’m the Godfather and it looks like I made a hit on myself,” he says. He gives himself too much credit. His plan now is to brainwash them into thinking that each other other two should bring him to the end as he wouldn’t have a chance of winning. I guess that’s all he has left.

As Britney enters the jury house, she spills the beans on the brigade. Ragan is upset with Matt. Matt says it was his idea. Kathy says Matt lies about everything. Matt tells Britney that his wife is healthy.

Now, it’s time for the jury to discuss where there all at in terms of their votes: Rachel, Kathy, Matt, Brendon, Ragan, Britney. Did anyone notice that Brendon and Rachel get their own cozy couch while the rest are in individual chairs? The get right into discussing the worthiness of the alliance and then they discuss Enzo, Britney feeling that he played a great social game. Rachel agrees saying, “I mean I had no social game.” HA! She’s seen the light! Ragan is all about the facts, as is Matt – both of them feeling that Hayden is the strongest. Then onto Lane, it’s almost a consensus that strategically, Lane played the best game. He didn’t play a dirty game. That being said, Ragan disagrees. “This is Big Brother, not Big Clergyman.” Britney feels that Lane was smarter than they think because he had power over her decisions too. Britney says he had power over her. During the whole discussion, I finally agree with Tyrell at how arrogant Ragan is when in group discussions. He acts as if he’s superior to everyone and his opinion is the end all be all. Ugh, annoying.


So, the final part of the HOH challenge tests how well Lane and Hayden know the members of the jury. There are two possible answers for each of the questions asked, guessing how each jury member completed the statement. The houseguest with most points at the end of 6 questions wins. Here’s how it played out:

1. About Rachel – Both Right
2. About Kathy – Both Right
3. About Matt – Both Right
4. About Brendon – Both Right
5. About Ragan – Both Wrong
6. About Britney – Both Wrong

Tie Breaker

7. Closest to number. Part 1 of final HOH comp. How many times did BB slam you into wall. Hayden (91), Lane (55) – 220 Hayden wins final HOH.

With that, I think he just won $500,000. Now Lane and Enzo each plead their case as to who Hayden should bring to the final two. Hayden decides to vote to evict….ENZO. Smart move for him.

When Enzo talks to Julie, he says he has had the best social game ever. I love when Julie asks him ,”Were you surprised at how poorly you did in the competitions?” HAHA. Rub it in.

The jury comes out and they all ask their questions and it’s actually quite boring, so I won’t spend time on that. I wanted some “you’re a snake” type comments, but also, it was relatively drama free. During the questions though, I think that they think that Hayden knows he’s winning, so I’m not sure how this will turn out. Maybe they won’t like the overly confident thing…

During the final speeches, Hayden is first I feel and again he is too confident and the jury is stone cold so I don’t know what they’re thinking. BUT, he puts it’s bluntly when he says, “If you’re voting on who the best player is, it’s me.” Can’t disagree with him there. Lane really sucks at speeches and during his speech “you know” every two seconds. Actually, I went back and counted and he said “you know” exactly 20 TIMES! Dude!! Too much!!

Keys go in the slots. Votes are in.

Julie then brings out non-Jury members, Annie, Monet, Andrew, and Kristen. Secrets are revealed when Monet’s comments on Rachel are brought up, the showmance between Kristen and Hayden exposed, and Hayden & Lane finally found out about Matt’s big lie. “Make up a lie about your dog, don’t make up a lie about your wife,” says Lane. Because of Kristen and Hayden’s showmance, she announces she’s now single.

It is then revealed that Lane would have taken Britney to the end. They are totally into each other. Meanwhile, Britney’s boyfriend is likely so choked about that and to make matters worse, his and Britney’s house just half burned down last night. $50,000 damage. Ouch.

Next, time to reveal the second saboteur. No one guesses Ragan and they are totally shocked. He was a boring saboteur.

Now, the winner…

Rachel: Lane
Kathy: Hayden
Matt: Hayden
Brendon: Lane
Ragan: Hayden
Britney: Lane


Enzo: Hayden

HAYDEN is the winner of Big Brother 12.

Britney wins favorite houseguest $50,000. I totally thought she’d win it too. Now she can use the $50,000 to fix the fire damage that her soon to be ex-fiance may or may not have caused the night before last. That being said, I think she has a bright future ahead of her. I think she’s a stand out in the whole season in the sense that she’s got the biggest personality (non-ditzy, a la Rachel). She’s be a good bitchier, more liberal version of Elisabeth on The View.

Thanks for reading the recaps everyone! Until next time…