Big Brother 12 Episode 9 Power of Veto: “This House Is Being Taken Over By Brenchel”

Two people that don’t have strong alliances are up on the block: Kathy and Andrew. Everyone is questioning why Matt didn’t put up Brendon and Rachel, since they clearing are everyone’s target – especially the brigade. At this point, it looks as though Brendon is the target for backdooring (who wouldn’t). Kathy goes for the token “save me” chat with HOH Matt, but he just tells her to fight the good fight (like his wife is with her fake disease) since he doesn’t have a vote in the end.

As time has passed since the nominations, Andrew starts losing his cool and starts screaming because Rachel had put peaches in the iced tea which made him not able to have any, as a have not. Andrew is pretty much the focus of this episode, being up on the block, freaking out about iced tea, and his own cleaning montage, obsessively cleaning up after everyone in the house.

Time to pick players for the Veto competition. Matt plays since he’s HOH, and Kathy & Andrew play since they are up on the block. The three other players selected are Brendon, Lane, Rachel – with the host, Enzo. WOOOHOO! I’m loving that Brendon and Rachel are in the competition to rub it in the brigade’s face. As Matt and Lane stew in the HOH room over the fact that Brendon and Rachel got picked, Lane says, “Gimme some pop rocks!” Later on, Enzo joins them and they watch Andrew on the the surveillance cameras. “This is kosher cable,” says Enzo.


When it comes time for the Veto Competition, Enzo comes out wearing a fortune teller outfit for the Veto of Fortune. The players go out into the yard to find a number of displays with details they must try to remember. For every question they are asked, the answer will be a number. Once they hear their competitors answers, they can choose to stay or fold. The person who gets closest to the number if they chose to stay wins a point. If they are the furthest away and stayed, they are eliminated. First person to three person wins Power of Veto.

  • First one is the number of fortune cookies. Matt & Lane stay, and the rest fold. The total number of cookies was 405. Matt is the closest, and Lane is out.
  • The next question is how many candles on the altar. Rachel, Matt, and Andrew stay. Andrew gets the point and Matt is out. Yesssss!
  • How many feet of the black spiral is there? Brendon and Kathy stay, Andrew and Rachel fold. Brendon wins and Kathy is out. Yessssss!
  • How many tarot cards? Everyone folds except Andrew and now Andrew has two points out of three. Oh man.
  • How many ounces of magic potion? Go Chemists! Brendon guesses 231, Andrew guesses 105, and Rachel guesses 305. Brendon stays, the other two fold so Brandon gets the point. gets point. Perfect! Brendon and Andrew are tied – each with two points and only needing one more for the win.
  • Next, how many eyeballs in the big glass? Brendon is closest and wins Power of Veto!!!! Amazing!!!!

As Brendon puts it, “This house is being taken over by Brenchel!” Yeah it is!

Brendon wants Andrew to stay so will do what he can to make that happen. Andrew discusses with Matt how his brilliant plan fell through and how disappointed he is. At night, Brendon and Andrew talk in the dark. They both completely trust each other. Andrew says he wants to make a bold move. He warns Brendon to do whatever he has to do the next day in terms of staying away from him, etc.

Time for the Veto meeting. Kathy doesn’t “fight the good fight” to stay, knowing Brendon won’t risk losing Rachel to backdooring, so she says she doesn’t want him to use it. Andrew says, “Brendon and Rachel, I’m coming after you. Please save me,” in his attempt to fool the rest of the house. I don’t know that they’re gonna buy it. I think Andrew is going home and I’m okay with that. I’d prefer that Kathy stay. Brendon doesn’t use the power of veto, as expected.

Who do you think will go home?

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  • KAt

    I don’t know how you can stand watching Brendan and Rachel in the house. I’d choose the brigade over those two anyday.