Big Brother 12 Episode 6 Power of Veto: “I Don’t Usually Hang Out With Whores Just For Fun”

As we start out the episode, the whiny evil bitches, Britney and Monet are putting on the waterworks because they’ve been nominated by Rachel to be put up for eviction – as they should be. As they console each other in private and contemplate why on earth they would be put up for eviction, their bitching begins and Monet refers to Rachel as a stupid hooker. And there’s your reason, Monet. These two together are a pile of negativity and do nothing but spew up hate.

Britney puts on her two-face and talks to Rachel, messing with Rachel’s head and leaving her with a great deal of guilt for nominating her. Later on, Rachel bawls into Brendon’s arms because she feels like she’s been mean. Oh boy. Suck it up, princess.

Meanwhile, the wicked wenches, Monet and Britney feel like Rachel is jealous of Monet and that’s the reason she’s gunning for her. “I don’t usually hang out with whores just for fun,” says Britney, and that’s not even the worst of what they were saying. These two are terrible together!


Speaking of terrible, Matt tells Andrew that his wife has a bone disease and she DOESN’T. He then starts telling everyone in the house. “Who would vote out a guy who wants to save his wife’s leg,” he says in the Diary Room. That being said, Andrew has never heard of the disease – Matt thinks he’s a shoe salesman, but he’s really a foot doctor.

It’s time for the Veto Competition, and going up against Rachel, Britney, and Monet are Brendon, Lane, and Enzo. The host is Ragan. It’s Big Brother Stock Market. Each of their heads and hands are locked into a big dollar bill for the period of one hour. The houseguest who opts out closest to the one hour mark without going over wins the Power of Veto. Partway through, a twist is announced and a dollar bill starts slapping them in the face. It continues until just short of the 25 minute mark and stops. Britney is the first to opt out as she felt it was better to be under than over. The results were as follows:

Rachel: 1:15:07
Monet: 1:15:06
Brendon 1:06:04
Lane 1:01:29
Enzo 1:00:14
Britney 54:28:00

Britney freaking wins. Wow. In private, Britney assures Monet that they’ll put Andrew under the bus. Monet then goes and talks to Rachel about it, suggesting she should try and get Andrew out. Rachel wants time to think about it before saying she wants to go with that idea.

In the diary room, Rachel says putting up Andrew is a win-win. When she starts discussing it with Brendon (who thinks its a bad idea), Ragan, and Matt, Matt suggests putting himself on the block if they really want to get Monet out. Matt then tells the brigade the plan. Rachel finds it very suspicious he would volunteer himself and she discusses her concerns with Brendon in private. Then Andrew walks in, but Rachel asks him to leave. Rachel and Brendon start fighting as they can’t agree on the game plan at all. Rachel cries in bed with the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Time for the veto meeting, and needless to say, Britney uses it on herself. Rachel decides to put up…


Excellent. I’m glad she followed through with the plan.

With the Brigade along with Brendon & Rachel together, there is NO WAY that Matt is going home, and Monet better start packing her bags. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, biatch!

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