Big Brother 12 Episode 3 Power of Veto: “Lies Weave Evil Webs”

Ooooh, this season is so good already and I’m already wrapped up in it. I don’t want Brendon or Rachel, who are up for nomination, to go home at all and Hayden, the HOH, is the guy I love to hate now. This episode has the first Power of Veto competition of the season. When the episode begins, Brendon and Rachel go into a room to react to their nomination. Shortly after, Annie comes in and shares her shock. The bad thing for her is that Lane and Enzo come in next, automatically assuming that Annie is in an alliance with them.

Enzo then tells Hayden, with Lane in present, that he thinks that Brendon, Rachel, and Annie have an alliance. Anddddd here we go…with paranoia! Then, later on Brendon & Rachel are cozy under a blanket and Brendon asks if Rachel if she wants to go on a date when they get out of the house. Awww, they are the cutest! Then they go under the blanket in the hammock and, well… suck face while the rest of the house is inside watching peaking through the window. “Action in the hammock, here we go!,” says Britney.

Next, Brendon goes to Hayden HOH room, not to suck face, but to chat about where his head is at. Brendon threatens Haydon and says he should take him off the block, otherwise if he wins the veto, he’ll be gunning for him. Oooh, I like his style – go Brendon!


The POV Competition is introduced, with the competitors being Hayden (HOH), Brendon & Rachel (Nominees) and three other players by random draw. After the draw is pulled, Enzo, Andrew, and Monet are now competing, with Annie as the host. Before the competition, Matt, Hayden, and Enzo have another pow-wow in the HOH room, and they’re thinking of putting up Kathy as a pawn may be a good idea if it comes to that.

Now, round two. Brendon goes to talk to Hayden again to see where he stands and if anything has changed. Hayden says he would leave them the nominations the same. In Brendon’s mind, now IT’S ON and Hayden is going down. I SO hope that Brendon wins it! Brendon goes back to his room and sits down on his bed, repeating to himself, “I will win, I will win, I will win…” Let’s hope his use of the “The Secret” works!

It’s time for the Veto Competition, and there are pinatas and bats everywhere! It’s Cinqo De MAYO. Rotten Mayo. Gross. All of the pinatas are filled with it! Also inside are cards with letters on both sides. They must each spell a word and the person with the most letters spelled correctly in a word (after 10 minutes) wins. Here are the results:

Andrew: PASTUERIZED (Misspelled)

Wow! “The Secret” worked!

After the competition, Matt and Enzo are chatting and now are talking about getting rid of Rachel or even backdooring Annie, still with the alternative of putting up Kathy. Hayden comes in and they fill him in on what they think the plan should be. They then bring in Britney to discuss the plan and she’s on board, but in confessional, says at this point she has no alliances.

In the HOH room. Annie, Britney, and Monet talk about their risk of being put up. When Monet leaves, Britney gives Annie a bit of information, saying that she is suspected of having an alliance with Brendon and Rachel. Annie immediately confronts Hayden and says that Britney told her the info.

DUN-DUN_DA! The Saboteur is back on screen. This time he or she says that there are two people in the house that are actually lifelong friends and “if you think about it, it’s easy to figure it out.” WTF! I didn’t see that coming, but as Chen says, “Expect the unexpected.” Andrew then goes on a rant, saying that the Saboteur is not him because nobody knows anything about Judaism in the house. Dude needs to take a chill pill.

The time comes for the Veto Meeting, and it’s no surprise that Brendon uses it on himself. As HOH, Hayden has to choose a replacement nomination, and he chooses (also no surprise) Annie. Annie is sooooo pissed at Britney and calls her out as a liar in front of everyone: “Lies weave evil webs…Britney.”

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  • Adam A.

    I think Britney is totally the Saboteur. By spreading the gossip last night about Annie, she guaranteed drama. But I must say, it is already looking like a good season.