Big Brother 12 Episode 28 HOH: “My Boys Downstairs Are Squooshed”

Here we go, continuing on with the final three boys, swinging on the tarzan swing, getting bashed from wall to wall with water pouring on them. I’m watching with Tyrell and his prediction that Enzo will fall first, then Hayden and that Lane will win. I agree with Enzo, but I predict Hayden wins as he’s sooo determined. “My boys downstairs are squooshed,” Enzo says. He ends up being the first to fall and we both are right. It’s now the Beast vs Animal, neither of which I think will take Enzo to the finale. With that, Enzo leaves the challenge and makes soup and pizza as the boys are one hour into it. He brings the pizza out to watch.

Now, they’re at 1 hr 58 minutes. Hayden is getting close to falling, as is Lane. “Dude, I just ripped my whole ass says,” Lane. As it continues on, I was starting to think that my BF was right on his prediction, and just then Lane falls hard and be both do the gay gasp! So, I guess I was right after all! Hayden wins part one of the three part HOH challenge. Lane & Enzo must face off in part two on Day 69 (Note To Self: insert perverted joke).

Next, we head to the Jury House to catch Ragan entering. They watch the DVD of his exit and Matt asks to speak Ragan in private to spill the beans on his big lie. “Wow Matt, that’s pretty hardcore,” Ragan responds. Everyone comes out after Ragan has a bit of a time out. Then, Ragan reveals he has a PhD, which leads to talking about social games, which instigates a HUGE fight with Rachel and Ragan again. “Rachel, we don’t share a common reality,” says Ragan. Rachel says, “Go grab your fucking tiara and be a fucking queen.” Wow, what a vacation in the jury house.

Time for Part 2 of the HOH competition between Lane and Enzo, determining who competes against Hayden in Part 3.

The challenge is called, “It’s Alive” and behind the curtain are five photos of two house guests frankenstein’d together. Whoever identifies the most in two minutes wins. If it’s a tie, whoever finished first wins.

Lane 1:13 – ALL 5 CORRECT
Enzo 1:43 – ALL 5 CORRECT

And with that, Lane wins Round 2 and will be competiting against Hayden next. Woohoo! I think the two of them would be a great match in the final two.