Big Brother 12 Episode 27 Power of Veto & Eviction: “How Does It Feel To Know You Just Wasted 3 Months Of Your Life?”

As we commence the episode, we know that Lane & Britney are up for eviction and there’s one final Power of Veto to come that will determine who’s in the final three. It’s day 68 and there is only one week left until someone gets a rich.

Britney is well aware that she has to fight incredibly hard to stay in the game – but really, she has no idea. Meanwhile, Hayden and Enzo still hope that Lane’s loyalties are still to them over Britney. As Britney fights for her life, she tries to convince Lane and Hayden that Enzo would win in the final two. She may be right.

At the Veto Competition, the houseguests have 8 clues on top and 8 clues on bottom and they must match the corresponding “movie poster” to the clues. The first houseguest to hit their buzzer with all the correct answers wins POV – it’s called Big Brother Marquee. trivia. Lane is a write-off in this challenge, Britney is too slow and methodical and Hayden looks as though he was gonna win. Enzo buzzes in first but has it wrong. Hayden buzzes in second….and has it right. Now that Hayden won, Lane has to make them believe he was with the brigade all the way and was never going to choose Britney over them.

The Brigade and feel they should tell Britney about the brigade. Uh oh. Enzo brings it up in casual conversation, asking Britney if she thought he was in an alliance. It comes to light that the three of them and Matt were all in an alliance. Britney seems pissed while she chews her nails and listens. “So yeah, so I’m definitely going home is that what you’re saying?” Hayden responds, “Well, I’m not going to use the veto.” ANd with that, tears come to her eyes and she walks away. They try to talk to her and she says, “How does it feel to know you just wasted 3 months of your life…” as she feels like she had fought for nothing.

At the Veto Meeting, as predicted, Hayden says he is not using the Power of Veto and Enzo casts the sole vote to evict Britney. She takes it well, but when Julie Chen mentions she’s headed to the jury house, she rolls her eyes, dreading being under the same roof as Rachel.

The boys start their HOH challenge and we find out what happens tomorrow night. Hopefully, Enzo is evicted and the Meow Meow’s nine lives are up.