Big Brother 12 Episode 26 HOH & Nominations: “She’s Gonna Use That For Lipstick & Leggings”

Well, we’re down to the FINAL FOUR and their dinner table is SO small (in comparison to before) now! It’s flown by so fast it feels like Christmas, but that’s mostly because the HOH competition is called Big Brother Christmas. Lane can’t compete since he’s outgoing HOH, and when we left off, Hayden was in the lead with his “soft hands” from baseball. As they continued on, Britney kept breaking so many balls until she realized she needs to get her shit together and pick up the pace. And, that she did. She passes Enzo, but unfortunately Hayden still had a huge lead. In the end, Hayden gets all 18 ornaments and his star and wins HOH.

The three guys talk about how proud they are about their Brigade plan getting them so far. It is pretty impressive. It’s obvious that Britney is going to go up as one of the nominees, but now Hayden must choose between Lane and Enzo for the second nominee.


Hayden has won three HOH’s and naturally is worried about being seen as a bigger threat and no one wanting to take him to the final two. Therefore, he talks to Lane and Enzo (separately) about taking him to final two.

Time for a luxury challenge! It’s called Big Brother Hide and Seek. One person will win $10,000! Each houseguest has to hide their coin somewhere in the house. When they are all hidden, they have to try and find each others’ and when the do, that person is eliminated from the competition. Enzo finds Hayden’s, eliminating him. Britney finds Enzo’s kicking him out. Then, Britney finds Lanes and wins herself 10 G’s! Nice work blondie!

Lane says, “She does not need 10 G’s – she’s gonna use that for lipstick and leggings,” and Enzo says in the diary room,”You just won a vacation to the jury house – see ya!”

Meanwhile, Britney is hanging out with Lane and saying how she is worried about her relationship with her fiance Nick and nervous as to whether or not they will still be together. That’s weird that she’s not so confident in her relationship, and I think it has to do a lot with Lane, who is obviously really into her.

In what could be a really, really bold move, Hayden suggests to Enzo that they get rid of Lane instead of Britney… Ohhhhh, can’t wait to see how it actually plays out on Wednesday!

Nominations Ceremony: Enzo is safe and Lane and Britney are up on the block, just as I suspected.

Who do you want to win out of the final four? Who deserves it and who needs it most? I just don’t want Enzo to win. I’m okay with any of the others…I think…