Big Brother 12 Episode 25 Elimination: “I’m Definitely Playing The Half A Dodo Part”

Alright. Someone’s going home tonight. Either Ragan or Hayden. If Hayden goes home, it’s a game changing move and I’m happy. As the episode commences, Ragan is chatting with Britney to ensure she sees the benefit to keeping him in the house over Hayden. She can’t win in the final two against any of those boys according Ragan, and the guy does a fantastic job of convincing her of that and laying down some good points. I’m thoroughly impressed with this guy. When he started playing the game a few weeks ago, he started playing the game. Anyway, so on his side, Britney advises Ragan to talk to Lane. So, he does. Ragan asks him the question, “What big bold move have you made in this game?” He’s challenging him to vote out Hayden and keep him in and he’s doing an excellent job at selling it!! When Lane thinks about it, he believes he can beat Ragan or Britney in the final two, but not the other boys.

After some Julie filler chat, we head over to the Jury House so we can catch up with Rachel, Kathy, Matt, and Brendon. We start off with Rachel reacting to Kathy’s arrival: “It was a diamond power of veto and now you’re evicted!!??? Ewwwwww!!!!!” Kathy and Rachel await the next person. It’s Matt. Kathy is a little sad about this, because of Matt’s wife being sick and him needing the money. Or so she thinks. They then watch the DVD to see how it all went down. When Rachel sees Brendon’s shaved head she thinks he looks hot, but Matt says he looks like a Penis. Rachel responds, “Matt, don’t mess with my man!” Hahaha, thank God I got my fix. Next up, Brendon shows up and Rachel is upset he didn’t make it but soon gets over it.

Next they hear the truth about Matt’s big lie…

Matt sits them all down and says his wife is completely healthy. BOOM. Bomb is dropped.

Kathy is really, really upset about this, being a cancer survivor herself, and she walks away and holds back the tears. Rachel says, “Matt’s lie is horrible and unforgivable. What a lowdown move that was….You’re worse than evil.” It’s gonna be a long visit for Matt in the jury house.

Later on, Julie talks to Lane in private. When asked about his game play, he says, “I’m definitely playing the half a dodo part.” That he is, and it’s definitely worked!

Eviction/Speech time. Ragan goes first and dedicates his time in the house to his dad who died six years ago. When Hayden goes up, he says nice things about everyone, then announces a snowboard trip to Steamboat, Colorado in January! We’ll see if they follow through. My guess is that was just an attempt to get free flights an accommodation thrown their way by hotels and resorts in the area. Smart cookie.

Here are the votes:

Enzo: Ragan
Britney: Ragan


On his way out the door, Ragan says, “I get to meet Julie Chen!!” Julie and Ragan chat for a bit, and spend some time on his loyalty to Matt to which she challenges him, “Why do you think he’s an excellent human being?” Oh God, just you wait Ragan. Ragan than says he’s going to spend his saboteur earnings on a downpayment on a hybrid or a BMW.

As per usual, the evicted houseguest gets goodbye messages from the remaining people. The one from Hayden was so touching I thought I would share part of it with you:

“You’re an awesome representative of the gay community. I’m sure you made the gay community proud and a lot of young people can look up to you.”

I now want Hayden to win. Lane doesn’t need the money. Britney’s a bitch and said terrible things about everyone in the house. Enzo doesn’t really deserve it. Hayden has been such a great guy the whole time and has played with strategy the whole time.

It’s time for the HOH Competition where Christmas has come early – It’s Big Brother Christmas. they have to be the first to decorate their Christmas Tree. The winner not only secures their spot in final three, they also get to compete in the final HOH competition. “The decorating has begun, but, there’s a snowstorm on the way,” says Julie. Always controlling the weather that crazy biotch. We’ll find out who wins on Sunday!

  • Fashion wannabe

    Does anyone know where i can get a similar outfit that Julie was wearing. She looked so beautiful last night. I just love that outfit and would love to get one.


  • Marcus

    Did Hayden and Ragan ever talk about being gay?

    Hayden’s comments were really just a play for Ragan’s vote.