Big Brother 12 Episode 24 Power of Veto: “I Hate You Clam, Hamburglar, Whatever You Are!”

With only five people left in the house, each competition is crucial – and this time, the POV competition is life or death for Ragan and Enzo, but mostly Ragan. The brigade still make up three of the five people, and Lane who is one of them also has an alliance with Britney, the fourth person in the house, leaving Ragan on his lonesome as the fifth. Dude better pull through on this or he’s dunzo!

Shortly into the episode, Enzo gets to take his penguin costume off by way of a shunning ceremony – the houseguests are super bored and looking for things like this to do at this point – clearly! After that time waster, Ragan spends his time studying all of the houseguests faces, the order of HOHs, POV winners, and even spends some time bench pressing. He is determined to win this POV and I hope he does!

At the Veto competition, the houseguests meet Otev (Veto backwards – clever) The Broadway Clam. There are CD’s everywhere, amongst mud puddles, etc. Otev sings a short song about two evicted houseguests and the houseguests have to figure out who he’s talking about then find a CD in the yard that is named with the two names combined and bring the CD back. Last one out, or with incorrect name, is eliminated.


Round 1: Monet & Matt – MONATT – Enzo and Brit are up, then Lane barely beats Ragan. They all get the name right except for Lane, so Lane is out and Ragan is saved and gets to keep playing. Thank God. Lane is mad. “I hate you clam, Hamburgler, whatever you are!”

Round 2: Rachel & Kristen – RASTEN – Enzo is first again, then Britney, then Ragan, and Hayden is last and ends up being eliminated. YES!

Round 3: Enzo, Ragan, and Britney are left. Kathy & Matt – MATHY. Ragan is first, Enzo second, and Britney last & eliminated. With that, Lane now knows he’ll have to choose between Hayden and Britney as a replacement nominee when it comes to that.

Round 4: Brendon and Andrew – BRENDREW. As the final two in the competition, Enzo & Ragan gun for it. Enzo ends up totally pushing Ragan over and getting to the CD first and Ragan is eliminated. Ragan hurls a CD at the clam and it deflects and hits Enzo too. Haha, perfect!

After losing, Ragan is feeling very defeated, while Enzo is on a total high. As he recounts what happened to the other houseguests, Enzo says, “You’re lucky I didn’t take you and throw you into the clam,” as if talking to Ragan.

With Ragan on the block, Britney’s strategy is to stay with the brigade guys and stay under their knows to know where they are at. Smart move, considering Enzo and Hayden plan to backdoor Britney if Lane puts her up as a replacement nominee. Gulp. That could be Ragan’s only hope – for now.

Now for some fun based on the punishments earned from Lane’s Pandora’s Box last week. For the first one, for the next 12 hours, each houseguest must use a sock puppet, which look like them, when they speak. It’s absolutely hilarious and it makes me want to have a puppet. Ragan ends up crying to his puppet.

After the puppets punishment is over, Britney decides to finally clean the disgusting kitchen and throw a bunch of stuff out, since she says Kathy and Brendon used to clean it and now they are cleaning over at the jury house instead. Haha, always a bitch but so funny. I love her confessionals.

The next punishment is that every time they hear music, they must dance until the music ends. Also a hilarious punishment. Britney dancing while half asleep, Enzo in the show, and discovering how terrible of a dancer Hayden is.

Getting closer to Veto Meeting time, Lane asks Hayden if he’s okay to go up, and of course he says not really. Lane is having second guesses about trusting Hayden and Enzo, as they’ll likely want to get Britney out and he is leaning towards taking Britney to the final two.

At the Veto Meeting, Enzo removes himself as predicted and Lane chooses to put up… Hayden! Fantastic. I want either Lane, Britney, or Ragan to win at this point so hopefully Hayden goes home. Can’t wait to see what kind of dirty work Ragan can do to get himself out of this.