Big Brother 12 Episode 23 HOH & Nominations: “The Meow Meow Feels Like An Actual Kitten”

After last week’s double eviction, two key players were evicted: Matt & Brendon. Now, we’ve got three brigade members (Hayden, Lane, and Enzo) and two “other” (Britney and Ragan). It’s getting down to the crunch and it’s about to get intense – more intense.

The HOH competition is coming up, and Hayden is the host. It’s Big Brother Black Jack, and Lane is hesitant to win for fear of having to deal with the dilemma of having to put up either Britney or a Brigade member.

After round one, although it was close between her and Enzo, Britney was eliminated. In Round two Enzo is eliminated, you know, so that he can keep in line with his losing streak. That means it’s between Ragan and Lane. The stakes are really high for Ragan, as he’s certain of the all male alliance and knows he is a target if Lane wins. Unfortunately, the cards don’t work in his favor and Lane wins HOH. Sort of like a Pandora’s box, Lane wins something good, but faces something bad in having to put up two people he has alliances with.


Boring Break: Time to see Lane’s HOH room!

Back to strategy. Hayden and Britney talk jury votes, and Britney says if it came down to Lane and Hayden in the final two, she felt like Lane didn’t need the money. Meanwhile, Enzo is feeling threatened by Britney and wants to ensure that Lane puts her up alongside Ragan.

To make things interesting now that Rachel’s gone, they have to throw in another Pandora’s Box for Lane. For him, there’s money that grows on trees. There is up to $10,000 hanging from the money tree and an HOH envelope attached. Lane must select 3 cash envelopes but with each cash prize comes a punishment unleashed upon the house. Here’s what he won:

1st Envelope: $79
2nd Envelope: $12
3rd Envelope: $0.17
TOTAL: $91.17

HAHA – hilarious! Lane tells the houseguests about the punishment situation and Ragan worries that the juryhouse have done something terrible, like clone Rachel. Oh Ragan. You would say that.

The first punishment is that all the silverware and cups are gone, making the Meow Meow feel like an actual kitten having to eat without utensils.

As we get closer to nomination time, Lane tells Britney he will put up Enzo and Ragan, but in discussing this, Britney realizes where Lane’s loyalties lie in the brigade over her.

When nominations time comes around, the first key pulled is Britney, the second is Hayden, leaving Ragan and Enzo to go up on the block. The Meow Meow is not pleased!