Big Brother 12 Episode 22 DOUBLE Eviction: “This House Is A Nice Version of Jail”

A lot of business to take care of in this episode as two houseguests are evicted from the Big Brother house and sent out to see the live version of the talking head, Julie Chen. Post Britney putting Matt up as the replacement nominee against Enzo, Ragan is more upset that Matt threw him under the bus than upset he is about Matt being up on the block. His betrayal woke Ragan up like a bucket of cold water thrown in his face as he put it and now he realizes he really needs to start playing this game and set aside his feelings.

Shortly after the veto meeting, after talking to Britney, Matt figures out that Britney told Ragan that he was gonna throw him under the bus. Time to scramble, so Matt starts messing with Ragan, saying that people are saying he had been campaigning to keep him in the house. In doing so, Ragan figures out that Enzo, Hayden, Matt and Lane have an alliance. Dun dun da!!! He reveals his findings to Matt, who then tells the brigade and in turn puts a huge “X” on Ragan’s back. Ragan now knows he has to do whatever he can to win the HOH competition.

And with that, the talking head appears. Enzo and Matt up on the block and each give boring speeches that made me wish I could double evict them both. Here’s how the voting actually went…


Brendon: Matt
Hayden: Matt
Ragan: Matt
Lane: Matt

Matt is evicted (thank God) and he leaves in good spirits with no hard feelings, despite getting thrown under the bus by all of his former Brigade members and ex fake boyfriend. Meh, moving on. Right onto the next HOH Competition, where as outgoing HOH, Britney is not eligible to compete. The competition is called delivering the goods. Chen asks them a question and the answer is the name of two houseguests. They have to run across the yard and find the names they are looking for in the boxes of packing peanuts, then put the names in their slot to finish. First person with the correct answer wins. The Question: “Which two houseguests have held the title of HOH twice?” Answer: Rachel and Matt. The competition flies by and Hayden gets the correct answer first and takes his place in the shortest HOH role in the season. He has to put up two people on the block almost right away. Brendon and Ragan are up on the block, but they can try to save themselves by playing in the live veto competition. At this point I am okay with either of them winning it (or neither) but if one wins it, certainly the other is going home and not the replacement nominee.

It’s Before or After (one of my faves). Julie will name an event that occurred this summer and the houseguests have to step to either “Before” or “After” in reference to the second event she names. The last person standing wins power of veto. Here’s how it played out:

Round 1: Everyone gets it right.
Round 2: Everyone gets it right.
Round 3: Enzo is eliminated.
Round 4: Brendon is eliminated.
Round 5: Britney is eliminated.
Round 6: Hayden & Lane eliminated

Ragan wins the Power of Veto, saving his life, basically. Big dramatic gay sigh.

Right onto the Veto Meeting. Ragan, of course, takes himself off and Hayden’s replacement nominee is Britney. Here’s how they vote for eviction:

Enzo: Brendon
Ragan: Brendon
Lane: Brendon

In his exit interview with Chen-bot, Brendon thinks that Britney is playing the best game right now and Brendon says, “This house is a nice version of jail.”

There are 5 house guests left, three of them are in the Brigade, which means that Britney and Ragan are outnumbered now. My hope is that Ragan tells Britney about the the alliance he suspects the guys have and that they fight like hell to win HOH and then put up Hayden and Enzo. That is my wish. Who do you think will win HOH? Who do you WANT to win HOH?