Big Brother 12 Episode 21 Power Of Veto: “I Would Have Fallen On My Sword For You…”

Wow. One of the best episodes this season for sure. At the end of the last episode, Britney put Enzo & Brendon on the block. As Have Nots, Enzo & Brendon vent about Britney. When Enzo goes and talks to Britney, she promises that she’s not gunning for him and that Brendon is her target. Enzo thinks to himself, “Britney’s word is kinda like mud.” As the games starts taking a shift, Hayden talks to Lane about backdooring Matt because he can no longer be trusted and has too much power in the house. Hayden suggests that Lane talk to Britney, since the two of them are really close. Making her swear she doesn’t tell anyone, Lane tells Britney to get rid of Matt, but she is reluctant because she feels that she’s safer with Matt than with Brendon. I’m with Lane on this one. Matt’s gotta go.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Competitors are Britney, Brendon, Enzo along with Houseguest (Britney’s) Choice, which is Matt, followed by Lane and Hayden. Ragan is the host by default.

It’s the BB Zoo, which ended up having nothing to do with a zoo. “Who’s gonna be king of the jungle here and survive?” as Enzo puts it. They all start with 50 points. Points are added if the houseguests accept a punishement, and deducted if they accept a prize. Either way, they have to be the first to buzz in. The person with the most veto points at the end wins. The houseguests do not know who won what prize. Brilliant. Here they are and who ended up getting them…


1. Chum bath every hour for 24 hours – Brendon
2. Handcuff to houseguest of their choice for 24 hours. (Brendon and he selects Britney)
3. Win phone call from loved one, give up points – Lane
4. Have not for the next three weeks for 11 veto points – Brendon
5. Must shave head for guy, or dye hair pink for rest of summer if girl – Brendon (Ends up having to shave his head right away – lucky for him it looks good on him!)
6. Penguin outfit for one week – Enzo gets it and has to start wearing it immediately following the game
7. Hawaiian vacation for two (Give up 11 veto points) – Hayden
8. Have Not Pass, (Give up 8 veto points) – NO ONE
9. Pull out chalk boards and mark down how many veto points they’d give up for $5,000) – Hayden
10. Who is willing to give clothes to charity to win 13 veto points – Enzo

In the end, BRENDON wins POWER OF VETO!!!!! I couldn’t be happier. Britney is livid at how everyone was worried about prizes and didn’t fight to keep Brendon on the block. She says in the diary room, “I am considering every person as a replacement nominee”. Hahaha.

To my delight, Enzo, Hayden, Lane and Brendon are all talking together in the Have Not room. They are all suspicious of Matt up in the HOH room with Ragan and Britney, and they think that Matt won the $5,000 and Hawaiian vacation. Lane volunteers to go up there and see what Britney’s talking about with them.

When he enters, Britney asks to talk to Lane alone. When Lane says that Matt should go, she is brought to tears because she is threatened by Brendon coming after her and feels used, having to do everyone else’s dirty work. In the end, he makes her feel better and it seems like she’ll do what he says. “I will manipulate Britney to get what I want,” says Lane. He’s a much better player than I ever would have anticipated.

Later on, Britney faces a Pandora’s box in her room. She can accept one hour of advice from a houseguest from a previous season. Sounds interesting enough, so she decides to open it. It’s none other than Jesse… “Mr. Pectacular is here,” he says, as he rips off his shirt (we don’t mind). His advice? It’s going to be on how to look like him. HA! Meanwhile, the guys in the house get a hawaiian party for an hour while Britney has to work out and listen to Jesse obsess about himself.

Now, Brendon and Britney get called to the diary room so they can be handcuffed. Muhahahaha. I think this is actually good, so Brendon and her can get more chummy – literally. It’s time for a chum bath every hour, while Britney has to sit beside him. Tiring! At least his head is shaved and doesn’t have to rinse it out of his hair!

Starting to worry, Matt goes to HOH room to talk to Britney. Britney talks to Matt and says it’s between Hayden and him as a replacement nominee. And with that, Matt is gonna try to get Ragan on the block. Matt tells Lane, then Enzo & Hayden, but he doesn’t realize he’s not part of the brigade anymore. Lane tells Britney that Matt is gunning for Ragan.

Ragan asked Britney if Matt through him under the bus, and she said yes. Done deal.

At the Veto Ceremony, Brendon obviously takes himself off the block. Britney has to pick a replacement nominee and during her speech, she says that Brendon earned it the veto, which was nice on her part. Matt is replacement nominee to go up on the block, and with that Matt will be backdoored if all goes well.

It’s Matt vs. Enzo. Where does Ragan lie? “I would have fallen on my sword for you but you ended up stabbing me in the back.” See ya later, Matt.

We’ll find out what happens TOMORROW!

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