Big Brother 12 Episode 20 Nomination: “I’m In Some Homosexual Showmance Now…”

It’s getting down to it and things are as interesting as ever. Princess Britney is HOH, the brigade is totally messed now that Matt knows they would have voted him out over Lane, and Ragan is pretty sure he’s “like a bipolar hot tranny mess.” Enzo is sweating bullets, paranoid as to who is going to go up along with Brendon, considering Matt’s allegiance to Britney and Ragan. Brendon on the other hand is pretty much a floater – he better grab a life vest, as Rachel would say.

As the houseguests check out Britney’s HOH room, Hayden and Lane are totally hating on Britney’s fiance in the diary room – Lane, of course, because he wants Britney for himself.

Later on, Lane decides to bench press every weight in the house, at a whopping 325lbs. He manages to life it three times. Caveman like Britney! Caveman show Britney how much I lift?

Some more eroticism to discuss as Matt divulges to Britney and Lane that he dreamt about a shirtless Hayden. In the diary room, he says “I’m in some homosexual showmance now…” Too funny. Perhaps he’s a little bi-curious!?


Next, Brendon talks to Britney to ensure she’s not going back on her promise to not put him up. Brendon confidently says, “I’m going to win HOH next week, sweetie.” He then threatens her that if she goes back on her word she’ll put her up the following week, and it would be something he would not be able to forget in the jury house.

At the Have/Have Not Competition, it’s The Lawmen (Ragan, Matt, & Hayden) vs. The Outlaws (Lane, Enzo, Brendon). Each team orders a shot. Two of them taste good, while one doesn’t. The other team has to guess which person had the nasty shot. This was actually a really cool challenge, but in the end, Lane, Enzo, and Brendon are the have nots and have to eat Broccoli & Bean Dip, in addition to slop for the week

Leading up to the nominations, it seems as though Britney is going to take Matt’s advice in putting up Brendon and putting up Enzo as well. Meanwhile, Enzo is talking to Hayden and Lane and feels that Matt is playing the whole house. Well, he’s right but I guess Matt’s playing the game a lot better than Enzo is. The Meow Meow doesn’t have 9 Lives in this game. Britney does pitch the idea to Matt about going up as a pawn, only because he’s a strong competitor, but he is not interested in the idea at all. Here’s how the nominations played out:



And as expected, Brendon and Enzo are up on the block. I really, really want Brendon to win POV, just to mix things up and throw everything out of wack. Brendon seems to be able to bring it when he has to.

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