Big Brother 12 Episode 2 Nominations: “I Was Literally the Cream in the Scientific Cookie”

In this episode of Big Brother, Hayden, this season’s first HOH has to decide on his nominations for eviction. Let the games begin! As it stands, the houseguests are locked away from their food and have to eat slop. Paranoia has also already set in as the saboteur is amongst them and they don’t know who it is. At first, people are thinking it’s either Brendon (brushing his teeth during the blackout) or Andrew (who hid behind the couch).

Next up, Hayden shows everyone his HOH room. This year, the room is much more contemporary and brighter than last year. He shows them his baby pictures – blah, blah – my least favorite part of the show.

Later on, Brendon and Rachel are over the moon with their crazy chemistry, having their keen interest in science setting them off. If Rachel was a cartoon, her eyes would have been bulging out with hearts. Annie (who happened to be there when it all started going down) says, “I was literally the cream to the scientific cookie.”

More connections are made when Annie pulls Matt aside and confides in him that she has a girlfriend. She started crying, relieved to tell him her secret about the fact that she has been dating the girls for a year and a half and they are in love. So sweet!

Hayden eavesdrops on Rachel and Brendon in the hot tub, suspicious of this showmance. He then meets up with Enzo, Matt, and Lane to discuss an alliance together. Animal, Brains, Meow Meow, and The Beast as Enzo puts it. Ridiculous. They basically come to the conclusion that they should put Brendon and Rachel up on the block.

Now time for the Have and Have Nots Competition. Hayden is dressed up as a fairy, stealing Hagan’s thunder. The houseguests must crawl through some thickass caramel then dig through popcorn to find a sweet tooth. The first team to have 8 sweet teeth wins. Brendon lost his shorts along the way, baring his cute butt (as Rachel puts it). There are three teams – Pink, Green, and Blue. Team Green ends up winning, Pink in second. Kathy, on team blue was totally not even moving in the caramel which made me VERY suspicious that she was the sabatoer. The blue team has Kathy, Matt, Rachel, and Ragan and they are now eating slop, having freezing cold showers and sleeping in the most uncomfortable room in Big Brother history: Lounge chairs, maggots, the stench of smells like piss. “America, there are maggots!” says Rachel. Haha, I love her.

The next day, they waked up to the site of the Sabbateur having put green exes on Britney and Kathy’s houseguest picture. Then, the Screen comes up and there is cryptic message saying that the weakest players can be the bigger threat.

At the nomination ceremony, Andrew is safe and the first key pulled is Annie. The next ones pulled were (in this order): Ragan. Enzo. Kristin. Britney. Matt. Monet. Kathy. Lane. The two not called were Brendon and Rachel. They are up for nomination.

I don’t want either of them to go! I wish Hayden could be evicted, but in place, I say get rid of Kathy – the Saboteur.

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  • Kaysee

    How can you say it’s Kathy.
    If i was the saboteur, i wouldn’t look like a larva in the caramel.
    I would make my team lose, but i would make sure that it wouldn’t look like an Epic failure.

    IMO It was too strange to be a sabotage.
    But i agree that the nominees plainly suck this week. 2 i liked.
    Get Enzo ouuuuut.