Big Brother 12 Episode 19 Eviction: “I Know Your Secret”

It’s day 48 and this is a game-changing episode. Brigade members Matt and Lane are up on the block, but little does everyone know that Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto and he will take himself off the block and choose a replacement nominee. At this point, my guess is that it’ll be either Britney or Kathy up on the block.

Hayden and Enzo talk to Matt and based on the conversation, Matt isn’t sure if they will side with him or Lane, so he’s testing the water. His instincts are right. But, then Hayden tells Matt that Kathy told them about the pretzel message (to vote out Matt) that Rachel left for Brendon. Matt now feels betrayed by Kathy. Later one, Enzo and Hayden tell Lane that they are not voting for him.

Later on, when Enzo and Matt are talking one on one, Matt, testing the water again, feels like Enzo would put him up. Either way, Matt is going to have the HUGEST target on his back after he uses the Diamond Power of Veto. This guy is a force to be reckoned with.

It’s time for some sabotage. Ragan is called to the diary room and his sabotage suggestion is to leave a note for someone that says “I know your secret. – S.” Love it. He decides to put it under Enzo’s pillow. Enzo tells the rest of the house (except Kathy & Brendon) and they start thinking that Kathy’s the saboteur because she was in bed (same room) when the note would have been put there. Things get worse for the sheriff when they start thinking that she had made up the pretzels message and was the saboteur.


Back to the present day, and Julie talks to the houseguests, informing them that the saboteur is done their work and is sitting among them.

Cut to visiting Lane & Britney’s families at home and what they think of their budding non-relationship. Blah blah, boring boring.

Now back to the excitement, and time for the live eviction. Matt is first up and he commends Brendon on almost succeeding in his goal of getting him out, but then reveals his secret Veto and saves himself. As a replacement nominee, Matt puts Kathy up. I knew it! Both Lane & Kathy’s speeches are cute and non-dramatic and here’s how the votes rolled out:

Hayden: Kathy
Enzo: Kathy
Ragan: Kathy
Matt: Kathy
Britney: Kathy

Clearly Kathy is out, and she’ll be moving in with in the jury house. I’m sure she’s thrilled about that – but I’m sure they’ll bond & get along fine. Now, Britney is the only woman left in the game.

Moving onto the HOH competition, Brendon can’t compete this week. Uh oh for him. The game is Big Brother Says. The day prior, Big Brother had dictated a series of commands that the houseguests had to do in the house. Now, Julie is asking them true or false questions about the statements. Get it wrong and your out. Here’s how it played out:

Round 1: Ragan & Hayden are out
Round 2: Matt is out
Round 3: Everyone is right
Round 4: Lane is out. Down to Enzo and Britney
Round 5: Both right
Round 6: Both wrong
Round 7: Britney wins HOH.

Britney is HOH, but Julie lets viewers know that “she isn’t the only one who will hold the power next week.” After the commercial break, she reveals that next week there will be a double eviction on Thursday. Can’t wait! Do you think Britney will make good on her promise to not put Brendon up? Who do you want to see evicted next week?

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