Big Brother 12 Episode 18 Power of Veto: “Do You Have To Be The Biggest Bitch Because You’re Gay”

This was likely the best episode of the season and I seriously can’t wait to see how it all goes down tomorrow. I’ll set the scene. Brendon is HOH, Lane & Ragan are up on the block, Ragan is saboteur (and no one knows it) and Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto (and no one knows) it. So many secrets, so much backstabbing to be done.

Shortly after the nominations were made, Brendon informed Lane that he was just a pawn and not the target on the block. Meanwhile, Ragan is crying by himself in the Have Not room, talking out his inner monologue for us to hear. He must win the veto to ensure his safety.

It’s time to choose players for the Veto competition. Brendon, Ragan, and Lane are a given. The first name pulled is Enzo, then Kathy, then Houseguest’s Choice – so Lane picks Hayden. That leaves Britney and Matt who did not get picked, which was good for Brendon because he trusts them the least out of everyone. The stage is set.

First thing in the morning, a robot called the Zingbot 3000 wakes up everyone and proceeds to makes fun of them. He then directs the outside as the thing is hosting the veto competition. Everyone get’s their fake robot gear on and heads out to the backyard. The have to construct puzzle pieces that spells VETO, walking back & forth along a beam to get one piece at a team. At each end, there is a rotating piece – if they fall off the beam or rotator, you are eliminated. Early on, Ragan takes the lead, but then Brendon is neck and neck with him. As per usual, Kathy is the first out after she falls off the balance beam. In the end, Ragan wins and saves his ass from eviction in the process.


Following this is a short scene where Ragan and Britney make each other cry by how much they love and respect each other. Ragan is extremely emotional this episode. Wow. It gets worse.

Later on, Hayden is talking to Enzo and weighing out the possibilities. They figure that if Matt goes up, it’s not the worse that could happen. He’s threatened by Matt because he has friends on the other side. In fact, they feel like they’ll be doing really well if Matt goes home. And with that crack in the armour, the brigade just fell apart. Finally.

A “?”. It’s Pandora’s box and it’s Brendon’s decision to open it or not. Rachel comes on the screen and he’s tempted with the possibility of getting to see her. He accepts. He gets 24 hours of vacation in Malibu with someone. Just then, the doorbell rings and Rachel walks in: “I’m back, bitches!!!” Everyone looks as if htey are going to throw up. She comes back, bitch in full force, and immediately the drama starts. Her and Ragan start going at it, Ragan telling her she has no friends in the house. He then says, “Why don’t you get us a drink Ra-tress.” She responds, “Do you have to be the biggest bitch because you’re gay?” Holy shit, this is intense. He says, “I’m a big bitch because you are an absolute monster.” And it goes on and on from there. There is no peacemaking ending to this.

Meanshile, Brendon finds himself in paradise, in what I’m assuming is the jury house. He reads the card and realizes he’s alone. Meh, time to relax with an infinity pool, massage, and delicious food!

Later on Rachel, feels like she needs to stir up some more drama with Ragan. So, she goes out and bugs him with cookies because he’s a Have Not. They start bantering again and Ragan tells her, “The only thing honest about you are the pimples on your chin,” and (referring to her) added, “Your boyfriend released something terrible in the house.” Yikes. Ragan should take a lesson from Kathy and just walk away. Watch it all go down below:

Before she leaves, Rachel leaves a message in the HOH room for Brendon, using breadsticks. She suggests he put up Matt. Rachel informs Kathy to make sure he gets the message. As soon as Rachel leaves, Kathy tells Enzo and Hayden about the message to put up Matt and they say don’t say anything. I like that they’re turning on Matt.

Later in the HOH room, Brendon sits down with Britney to ensure he can trust her. She swears on her relationship that she won’t put him up next week if it rolls that way. After that meeting, Ragan chats with Brendon and says that between Matt and Britney, he should put Matt up. Decisions, decisions.

Out of nowhere, it’s time for the Saboteur. The saboteur announces that there is a competition tomorrow that could change the course of the game, and they should get some sleep. At 2:41am, 3:08am, 3:15am, etc. all the way until 6:35am, they are intermittently woken up to pointless messages about this competition, until they are fooled at the end that they were just being messed with and there is no competition at all. The suggestion for Ragan came courtesy of Carrie from Twitter. Now that he survives this week and succeeded as the Saboteur, he’s secretly $20,000 richer!

It’s time for the Veto Ceremony. Of course Ragan uses it on himself. As a replacement, Brendon nominates Matt. THINGS JUST GOT (MORE) INTERESTING! Of course at the eviction ceremony, Matt will take himself off using his Diamond Power of Veto, and my guess is that he’ll put up Kathy!

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