Big Brother 12 Episode 17 HOH & Nominations: “I Wanted To Go To A Bar, Find The Hottest Girl There, And Fight Her Boyfriend”

As I sit down to watch this episode on a HOT Sunday evening, I’m eager to find out the results of the HOH competition that followed Rachel’s eviction on Day 41 (Boooo – Bring her back!!!). The winner of the HOH competition gets to choose three houseguests to be the have nots, and Brendon is fighting hard, “I don’t give a shit what anybody says…this is for you Rachel.” As outgoing HOH, Matt can’t compete. Lane is the only one even remotely close to Brendon. As Britney puts it, “Seeing Brendon in the lead makes me want to lay my face in the mud, suck in a bunch of air, and kill myself.” As much of a little bitch she is, her one liners are extremely entertaining. In the end, God hears my prayers and Brendon wins HOH. He selects Ragan, Britney, and Matt to be the Have Nots for the week.

With her arch nemesis in power, Britney (with a target on her back) is crying to Lane… but he says he is gonna do what he can to keep her in the game. More tears follow that in the Have Not room with Britney and Ragan, while Matt’s eyes remain dry, thanks to the secret Diamond Power of Veto he has. He’s such a little weasel.

Following that, it’s time to see Brendon’s HOH room. Of course no one wants to see it and Britney is disgusted at how fake everyone is being, even though she’s been just as fake for everyone else.


SIDENOTE: At this point, I just remember that two people are lifelong friends in the house? Is it Matt & Ragan? Was it someone that has already been evicted? WHO IS IT!!???

Anyway, so Hayden and Enzo have a good alliance of course, and want to bring Brendon in it because they aren’t sure about Lane (with Britney) and Matt (with Ragan). When Enzo talks to Brendon on his own, Brendon says he wants to put up Britney and Lane…which Enzo isn’t too keen on.

Right after, Meow Meow tells Lane. Of course. Lane doesn’t take it to well. He reveals in the diary room: “I wanted to go to a bar, find the hottest girl there, and fight her boyfriend.” His one liners are as good as Britney’s these days!

Next up, Ragan is called into the diary room. The viewers’ suggestion is to talk about a secret alliance in the house, the two lifelong friends, and that he is going to expose it. When he announces this to the house, he says “Here’s a hint, one is male and the other is female.” Of course Britney and Kathy are now thrown under the bus by this fake hint. Wait a minute. The funny thing is that if there are two lifelong friends in there and they are not a male and female, they’d know that the saboteur is lying. Also, if Ragan is one of the lifelong friends with someone, they may then suspect him as the saboteur because they too would know it was a lie (if they were male). My brain hurts (maybe because of the fact that I’m watching Reality TV).

SIDENOTE: Ragan, Britney, and Matt have to eat eggplant and escargot (snails) this week. Boohoo bitches!

Later on, Ragan goes to talk to Brendon. “Make it quick,” says Brendon. Ragan suggests that they’d have a good alliance because no one would suspect it. Not putting his eggs in one basket, Brendon meets with Britney later to ask her why he shouldn’t put her up. She says she would do anything and that she wouldn’t put him up. Bitch can’t be trusted.

The nominations roll out like so:


Ragan and Lane are on the block and on Wednesday the HOH faces a new Pandora’s Box – my guess is Rachel is coming back in the game. I can only hope.

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