Big Brother 12 Episode 16 Eviction: “It’s Pronounced ‘Neandertal'”

Oooh boy. Brendon and Rachel (aka Brenchel) are up on the block and one of them is going home this episode, becoming the first member of the jury. Well, it’s not that straightforward…Brendon is on a rampage to get himself voted out so as to keep Rachel in the game. Dumbass. His strategy? To piss everyone off so bad that they want him out, over the biggest threat in the house – Rachel. Well, his plan seems to be working. Ragan calls him a neanderthal and Britney refers to him as the “frickin’ spawn of Satan”. She talks to Rachel and explains how terrible of a human being Brendon is, while Rachel fakes cries and goes along with it. All the while, the Brigade lays low and chills by the pool. Man, I cannot wait til they turn on each other.

Later on, Rachel goes and talks to Britney and Ragan, hoping to befriend them in case she does stick around. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that way and Ragan & Rachel go back to their last fight, Ragan essentially saying Rachel is not a good sport. She walks away. Case in point. Then Brendon (aka Neanderthal) goes over and tries to keep up his antics. Again, it works, with Ragan saying, “You’re an early man, you’re a neanderthal.” What does Brendon say back? “It’s pronounced “Neandertal.”

Later on, it sort of seems like the plan begins to backfire. The Brigade is talking about keeping Brendon because he is not as good a player in the challenges and he has a huge target on his back already. If Rachel goes this week, then he’d for sure go out next before anyone else.


Next up, Ragan (the shiteous Saboteur) gets called to the diary room. The viewers suggestion is to create a rumor that the voted out person is not actually leaving the house. “They might not really be gone. True love really does conquer all,” says the Saboteur to the houseguests. This makes Brenchel super happy – which I find to be hilarious. Paranoia sets in for the houseguests.

Julie now asks everyone a tough question…

Who each houseguest thought was the Most Underestimated Player:

Matt: Kathy
Lane: Ragan
Britney: Ragan
Enzo: Hayden
Ragan: Ragan
Kathy: Ragan
Hayden: Britney
Rachel: Everyone
Brendon: Britney

After the commercial break, we hear from Brendon’s ex-fiancee’s, Candice. She was engaged to him for 6 months, and together 2 years. Apparently, he was trying to change who she was and she broke up with him. She said he’s very emotional, dramatic and her advice to Rachel was to “prepare for the emotional rollercoaster with Brendon.” Sounds like some sound advice. That being said, Rachel is just as much a rollercoasters, so perhaps they’ll balance each other out and meet on the ferris wheel.

At eviction time, Rachel has a nice sort of lovey dovey slash farewell speech, while Brendon has the opposite. He essentially calls Matt a liar for the whole Pandora’s Box thing and says he will avenge anyone who has wronged Rachel. Here’s how the votes played out:

Votes To Evict::

Enzo: Rachel
Britney: Rachel
Kathy: Rachel
Ragan: Rachel
Lane: Rachel
Hayden: Rachel

Rachel is evicted (and I’m not surprised) and leaves without saying goodbye to anyone other than Brendon. What I WAS surprised about was what Chen said to Rachel: “This may not be the last you’ve seen of the Big Brother house…let me just tell you that.” What? Could America be voting someone back in the house???!! We’ll have to wait and see.

Well, another HOH competition. Houseguests must weave themselves through web of ropes and the first person to get their rope free and through web will win HOH and get to pick three houseguests to be have nots for the week. Brendon’s all on his own for this one. It’s one of those challenges that takes us into the next episode, but he’s off to a great start. If Brendon wins HOH, it will be EPIC! I would be SO interested to see how that would play out.

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