Big Brother 12 Episode 15 Power of Veto: “I Feel Like Roadkill Waiting For The Crows To Come Eat Me”

Woooowwwww, that was a good episode! As we start of, Brenchel is on the block and the entire house wants them out. Right after they were put up, Brenchel goes into the room to chat. Brendon decides to make it awkward for everyone so they decide to go out to the common area and work their magic. “Hope you like step stools, midget,” says Brendon to Matt. Oh boy, this is off to a good start. Tension in the house starts to brew. Rachel is cutting veggies like a psychopath, making Britney very nervous. I would be too! After they try to stir things up a bit, Rachel feels defeated and cries in the bedroom about how she’s been doing nothing but fighting to stay in the house. “I told you I’m gonna protect you, that’s what a knight does,” says Brendon.

Houseguests get a chance to practice bowling in the yard for the upcoming Veto challenge. After a while, Ragan asks Rachel if she wants to practice and she leaves crying. Brendon follows her to her room where she’s bawling again, saying she can’t fight anymore. “I feel like roadkill waiting for the crows to come eat me,” she tells him. Then, to some dramatic comeback music, they suck it up and start practicing til 5 in the morning. Atta girl!

Time to select players for the Veto competition. Matt plays because he’s HOH, Brenchel plays because they’re on the block, and Ragan is playing because of the veto ticket he earned last week. First person called: Kathy. Then Britney. Then Brendon draw’s “Houseguest Choice” and chooses Enzo to his lacklustre performance thus far.


Then, the doorbell rings. It’s not pizza, it’s Jeff & Jordan from BB 11. They are hosting the Veto Competition. “You gotta bowl down lover’s lane,” says Jeff. The yard is all done up with hearts, love seats, etc. The first bowler has to knock down as many pins in 45 seconds, then they have to pick a challenger. Loser of each round gets eliminated. Here are the results:

Round 1:
Rachel – 6 pins
Kathy – 7 pins (Rachel Out)

Round 2:
Brendon – 3
Britney – 5 (Brendon Out)

Round 3:
Enzo – 8
Britney – 9 (Enzo Out)

Round 4
Ragan – 7
Matt – 9 (Ragan Out)

Round 5
Kathy – 7
Britney – 8 (Kathy Out)

Round 6
Britney – 10
Matt – 7 (Matt Out)

Britney wins POV. Better than Matt!

Immediately following the competition, all hell breaks loose. Rachel plans on confronting Kathy for acting all excited when she won agains Rachel and eliminated her. Rachel felt that it was very inconsiderate because she was at the “lowest position in the game.” Rachel asks to talk to Kathy in private. When Rachel asks Kathy to apologize for acting excited, Kathy refuses, and continues to. The whole house gets involved. Rachel is so in the wrong at this point and totally sealing her fate.

Just then, Ragan (the saboteur) was called to diary room. He selects a suggestion from “Nikki on Facebook” about turning Brendon and Rachel against each other. Lame.

Sabboteur calls everyone to the livingroom and says that Brendon was throwing his competition to further his game. Now people think that Rachel is the saboteur.

It a last ditch attempt, Rachel asks Britney to talk. Rachel says that she would give Britney $5,000 to take her off the block. Britney says she won’t use it on her as it would be a terrible game play for her. I have to agree with her. Your shit out of luck Rachel.

Brendon tells Rachel he needs to do something drastic to keep her in. Dude, just stay in the game and forget about Rachel for now. Her fate is sealed.

At the Veto Meeting, Rachel pleads her case and says she’d give her $5,000 to use the veto on one of them. Brendon decides to put a big red ex on his back by calling Britney a spoiled brat and selfish. He finishes of by saying in reference to the Power of Veto, “If you’d like to, I would let you use it on me.”

Wowza! I can’t wait to see how the next episode starts. Luckily we only have to wait until tomorrow. Who do you think will go home? I still want Rachel to stay, but she needs to figure out her game and needs a miracle alliance. I think if they are doing this together, Brendon is the only one that has a chance at this game. If Rachel goes, he needs to be the HOH – big time.

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