Big Brother 12 Episode 14 HOH & Nominations: “America, I Am Going To Be Your New Saboteur”

Okay, let me paint the picture of where we left off. Kristen just got evicted and it’s the HOH competition where the players (excluding Rachel as outgoing HOH) are on the ledge of a giant spinning paint can holding on for dear life. Last one standing wins HOH, first one off is the only Have Not for the week. The new HOH will also be tempted by Pandora’s Box and we’ll also find out if Ragan accepted America’s offer to be the new saboteur. I hope he accepts! Because Rachel can’t compete, everything for “Brenchel” is riding on Brendon winning this.

The Brigade just wants Brendon to fall. Kathy starts to lose it early on and says something like, “I’m gonna fall off first, do we have a deal?” WTF? A deal with no terms and she says she’s taking one for the team by being a Have Not all week? Oh God. Enzo is off second at around 35 minutes. To mine and Rachel’s dismay, Brendon falls after 36:06. Grrr. Lane is out after 46 minutes, then Britney falls off, somewhat on purpose. Hayden’s off next and once again it’s down to Ragan and Matt. Great. I know where this is headed. At 1:10, Ragan is off and Matt wins HOH. Sigh.

The only thing the Brigade is worried about is that Matt might do something to screw up the plan in putting Brenchel up on the block. Meanwhile, Rachel is pouting and being a drama queen, annoyed with Brendon but can’t tell him that obviously.


At last, the time comes for Matt to come face to face with the Pandora’s Box dilemma. He can get the Diamond Power of Veto, which gives him the ultimate Power of Veto (for the next two evictions only) but at an unknown cost. He accepts and hides his Veto necklace.

Matt goes downstairs and apologizes to the house and tells them that he opened Pandora’s Box. He lies and says it was a briefcase and there was only a dollar in it, and something bad may happen to the rest of the house. Everyone acts like they do, but really, nobody believes him.

Next, saboteur business. Ragan goes into the diary room and is offered the position. He would have to accomplish 3 sabotages per week for two weeks, and he would be awarded $20,000. He hems and haws but ultimately decides to do it. Awesome! “America, I am going to be your new saboteur,” he says.

Next, Rachel goes to talk “Let Make A Deal,” with Matt, with Ragan also in the room. Rachel says that obviously Ragan and Matt are a pair, and Ragan takes huge offense to this because not one person has asked him to be in an alliance. Rachel and Ragan start fighting and are at each others throats. Brendon comes in to the rescue but that makes matters worse. Rachel kicks Ragan and Brendon out and Matt and Rachel talk a bit more.

Next, the Saboteur comes on screen: “Watch your back before I stab you in it,” says the silhouette. Paranoia sets in.

Lastly, it’s time for Nomination Ceremony. Kathy. Ragan. Britney. Lane. Enzo. Hayden. As expected.

Rachel and Brendon are up for nominations. I hope Rachel wins POV.

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  • Marc

    What a horrible, horrible show.