Big Brother 12 Episode 13 Eviction: “She’s Got Quite A Mess To Clean Up When She Gets Home”

As this episode commences, we being with the aftermath of Britney choosing not to use the Power of Veto. Soon after, Hayden goes to Brendon and Rachel to discuss where they stand with him, and they assure him he’s safe. Meanwhile, Britney starts stirring shit up by telling Enzo that Rachel said she was going to put up Lane as a replacement nominee if she used the POV, and that’s why she didn’t use it. She says the same thing to Kristen and Hayden. What a biotch! Later on, Kristen cries to Hayden because she wants to fight but is torn about fighting against Hayden. In the end, they agree that they both have to do what they have to do.

Up in the HOH room (sans HOH Rachel & sidekick Brendon), Britney (acting like a bitch as per usual) starts putting on Rachel’s hair extensions, as do Ragan and Matt. She’s mocking her, saying things Rachel has said before when Rachel and Brendon walk in. Rachel laughs at the whole thing, not realizing that they’re totally making fun of her. Ugh, God love ya, Rachel.

As Kristen watches Hayden not campaigning and just hanging out with the boys, she becomes suspicious about him being in an alliance with them. She goes and talks to Ragan about it and he says he’s suspected the same thing. She then goes and talks to Britney and makes some good points. Later on, she goes and talks to Brendon (without Rachel – yikes!) and makes some strong arguments for him too. Good job, girl! I’d prefer she stayed over Hayden. Well, that is until I found out more about her personal life…as noted later in the post.


Onto the live eviction setting, Julie talks to the houseguests. Britney is asked who is the most difficult to live with and she says Ragan because of his flatulence, to which he responsds, “Every fart has come from Britney’s legs.” Julie is immediately uncomfortable with the subject and moves onto something else.

Julie informs viewers that outside the Big Brother House, in someone else’s house, someone else’s heart has been broken. We are then taken into Hayden’s parent’s place where his mom watches and thinks Kristen is crazy. She feels that she has derailed his game. Meanwhile, Kristen’s friends and her boyfriend Steve are sitting at home watching Kristen’s showmance unfold. They’ve been together for two months and had told him that she didn’t want to be a single person on the show. “She’s got quite a mess to clean up when she gets home,” says her boyfriend, now exboyfriend. Not cool Kristen.

Julie then talks to HOH Rachel in private about future plans to bring another person into her alliance with Brendon. Rachel says yes…Britney. Little does she know, Britney can’t be trusted and hates her guts.

At the eviction ceremony, Hayden pleads his case, essentially saying keep the person that will benefit your game the most. On the flipside, Kristen says she’s been playing with her heart the whole time and that she’s a standup woman. The votes come in:

Enzo: Kristen
Kathy: Hayden
Matt: Kristen
Lane: Kristen
Ragan: Kristen
Brendon: Kristen
Britney: Kristen

And with that, Kristen is evicted. Worse for her, she also has an exboyfriend to deal with. Tisk, tisk. As she chats with Julie after being evicted, she learns in Hayden’s goodbye message that there was in fact an alliance – the brigade.

As we move onto the HOH compeition, Julie continues to tease viewers about it bein g the most powerful HOH ever with the power to change the course of the game. The HOH will be tempted by Pandora’s Box. If they choose to use open it, they will unknowingly unleash the new saboteur. America narrowed it down to Ragan and Enzo, but Ragan got more votes by a narrow margin.

The HOH Competition is “True Colors”. The last house guest standing on the narrow ledge of a giant spinning paint can wins. The first person to fall off will be the one and only have not for the week. As expected, there is a brush hitting them and paint splashing on them. AND, of course this goes into the next episode. I hate when that happens.

Next episode, we find out who wins and we get a special visit from BB11’s Jeff & Jordan on Sunday. Yay!

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