Big Brother 12 Episode 12 Power of Veto: “There’s So Much Tension In The House That People Are Not Accepting Cash”

As the episode begins, Brendon & Rachel debrief in the HOH room, Brendon upset about Rachel essentially challenging Hayden & Kristen (whom she put on the block) to “bring it on”. This causes some tension between them. Let me rephrase that… This causes a lot of tension between them but eventually Rachel takes a chill pill and they get it resolved, as long as Rachel apologizes to Hayden and Kristen. Meanwhile, Hayden & Kristen chat and figure that they need Kathy to go up in place of one of them in order to stay in the game. Rachel goes into their room and apologizes to Hayden and Kristen…if you call “I’m sorry if you took it personally,” an apology. I don’t blame Rachel for not wanting to really apologize anyway, considering Kristen didn’t accept her last apology.

Time for the Veto competition! As HOH, Rachel competes, against the two on the block (Hayden & Kristen) as well as three other houseguests at random. The three chosen are Britney, Ragan, and Enzo. Brendon is selected as the host.

The competition is “Wizards of Pinball”, with the yard filled with pinball machines and one big one that will be used for the game. Everyone is also dressed as wizards. The player with highest score at the end wins Power of Veto… of they choose. Every time someone is eliminated from a round, they get a prize. But, people that are eliminated in subsequent rounds can choose to keep their assigned prize or trade it for an already revealed prize. One of which will be the Power of Veto.


Round 1

Britney: 5 points
Kristen: 2 points
Hayden: Perfect Shot
Rachel: Perfect Shot
Ragan: Perfect Shot
Enzo: Perfect Shot

Kristen has been eliminated. She gets the Power of Veto as her prize first.

Round 2

Hayden: 5 Points
Rachel: 5 Points
Ragan: 1 Point
Enzo: 6 Points
Britney: 2 Points

Ragan is eliminated and he gets a Veto ticket, guaranteeing himself a spot for next week’s veto. He chooses to keep it. Smart man.

Round 3

Rachel: 6 Points
Enzo: 1 Point
Britney: 6 Points
Hayden: Perfect Shot

Enzo is eliminated. He gets a 3D Flatscreen TV and keeps it.

Round 4

Britney: Perfect Shot
Hayden: Perfect Shot
Rachel: 6 Points

Rachel is eliminated next (boo!). Rachel gets a “Second Chance”. The person who she chooses goes back in the game and she gets their prize. She picks Ragan, sending him back into game and she snatches his Veto Ticket.

Round 5

Hayden: 6 Points
Ragan: 1 Point
Britney: Perfect Shot

Ragan is eliminated. He gets $5,000 and he give it to Rachel (who signals to him that she doesn’t want it) and takes back his Veto ticket.

“There’s so much tension in the house that people are not accepting cash,” says Lane.

Round 6

Britney: Perfect Shot
Hayden: 5 Points

Hayden is eliminated. He gets a Hippytard but he trades it for the Power of Veto, taking it away from Kristen. Britney claims her prize…it is solitary confinement for 24 hours. Yikes! She trades with Hayden for the Power of Veto, so now Hayden must endure 24 hours of solitary confinement on top of losing the power of veto. Ouch slash awesome!

After the competition, Kristen is in tears and crying in Hayden’s arms. Then, Hayden is sent to his solitary confinement while Kristin is sentenced to her hippytard (with a fro) for a week. She does look hot/cute in it! Embarrassing for them, Kristen and Hayden touch each other’s fingers from under the door.

They all let Hayden out after 24 hours and he begins secretly salivating over Kristen in her Hippytard. Just in time for the movie earned from the luxury competition last week, Rachel, Enzo, Brendon, and Hayden get to watch “The Other Guys” movie. Yay for them.

Next, Hayden talks to Britney (since she has the POV). They discuss making a deal with Rachel & Brendon for a couple weeks (in terms of not putting them up – even though they would), and instead having them put Kathy up. Hmm. I’m not liking this plan.

When Hayden discusses it with Rachel, Brendon, and Kristen, Rachel calls Hayden’s bluff, poking holes in his plan. She doesn’t completely trust them and challenges them, and that’s what I love about her. Hayden & Kristen suggest pairing up with Rachel and Brendon in a power alliance, which could be brilliant, but they are lying so it doesn’t matter.

When Rachel talks to Britney, Rachel mentions Lane as a floater and wanting to put him up. What!? Where did he come from? Imagine Hayden and Lane up? I’d love that. I want the brigade to break apart a bit to even the playing field…not that Rachel & Brendon haven’t been doing fabulously on their own..but it’d make the game more interesting.

Time for the Veto Meeting. In Hayden’s speech, he says he promises later down the road it’d benefit both he and Britney if she took him off the block. Kristen says that she doesn’t deserve to be there and is asking for help.

Britney decides not to use the Power of Veto. Amazing! I couldn’t be happier! It made sense…she is close with Kathy, so why would she want to put her up? Can’t wait to see who goes home. Who do you think it will be? Hayden or Kristen? I’m hoping for Hayden.

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