Video: Big Brother 12’s Hilarious Dance Party

Patrick normally takes care of Big Brother-related posts, but I couldn’t resist writing a small blurb about last night’s episode. Normally at this point of the season, I’m bored out of my mind because most of my favorites are without fail, always voted out.

In between all the gaming, scheming, POV competition and ceremony, the producers showed a hilarious dancing segment that had me in stitches. I can’t even remember the last time I laughed out so loud during a BB episode. Big Brother maybe a lot of things, but “Soul Train” or “SYTYCD” it ain’t.

As repercussion for Lane opening Pandora’s Box, the housemates were forced to get up and shake their groove thing. The rules for “BB12’s Dance Party” were simple. Whenever music came on the speakers, the contestants had to dance until the music stopped playing. For twelve hours, the cast had to interrupt whatever they were doing to boogie on down. Their punishment was our gain. Gloria Estefan was right, “the rhythm is eventually going to get you.”

It took everything I had to control my laughing, while I watched rhythmically challenged Hayden and Lane bust their best moves. I’ve heard of bad dancers, but Hayden brought it to a whole new level. WOW. Britney also cracked me up in the video. Whether she was dancing by herself or carrying on her conversation with Lane, but all the while still fulfilling the dancing mandate made me smile.

What was your favorite moment from the video? Was it Hayden’s typical white boy moves? Or watching the men wading in the hot tub, then all of a sudden getting on their feet? Or did Britney once again steal the show? Post your comments below.

  • kodie

    Hahaha Such a good punishment, they were all pretty terrible dancers. Britney talking about football players while dancing was my favorite part though. And Ragan totally didn’t represent for the gays, i thought dance ability was etched into our DNA. Fail!

  • Britney was my favorite, as she danced half asleep! 🙂

  • Marcus

    The dancing punishment was a good example of how poorly they are playing the game this season.
    The HGs should have reminded the other HGs that this dancing punishment was because Lane opened Pandora’s Box AND that he may have won a prize that he is not telling.
    Same with the utensils gone and having to use the puppets – LANE’s FAULT